4 thoughts on “Video on Arrest of Cat Ladies in Alabama

  1. High on the list of things police have no business dealing with are cats, dogs, and people involved in rescue. Yes, there are cases where police are necessary, but no, two cat ladies doing trap-neuter-return aren’t among them.

  2. This is not what we need police for. We need police to keep themselves out of the way of law-abiding citizens doing animal rescue.

    (Spitting tacks here. Mind where you put your foot.)

  3. Wow, what civic heroes. They picked on 2 old ladies who were committing the heinous crime of cat feeding and TNR. If that jury had any brains, they would have found them not guilty, and told the police to get lost. Exactly how were the ladies creating a nuisance? They should have given them a medal and some funds to continue.

  4. I live in Alabama and even I am astounded by this incident. I am told one of the lawyers representing the women is a retired judge. My hope is the convictions will be appealed. I’ve seen a lot of bodycam video in my days and the behavior of these officers was reprehensible. I would say, “only in Alabama,” but we know this happens all over when city officials and law enforcement officials are not educated on topics related to animals. Not to mention de-escalation techniques and proper use of force.

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