Vintage Westminster Dog Show Winners

Often referred to around the turn of the century simply as “the New York show”, the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show was a big deal then, as it is today. The article snippets, sketches/photos and ads below will, I hope, convey a sense of how significant bragging rights were to the owners of dogs earning ribbons (and not just first place ribbons) at the show.

Forest and Stream, October 6, 1894
Country Life in America, April 1902
Dogdom, April 1911
Photo by R.W. Tauskey from the article:
Haynes, W. (March 1917). The noble Dane. House and Garden, p. 38
From the cover of The Dog Fancier, May 1920
The Dog Fancier, December 1920
The Dog Fancier, July 1921

From the classifieds at the back of Forest and Stream, April 8, 1886
An ad in the back pages of the book: Huntington, H.W. (1897). My dog and I. New York, NY: Caxton Press
Dogdom, November 1911
House and Garden, December 1917
House and Garden, February 1919
House and Garden, July 1919


Westminster Kennel Club winners for 1921

Period article on the Westminster Kennel Club history, 1877-1889

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