Vintage Dogs: More Oddball

Sketch of a “nearly dead” dog which is so bad, it was chosen for the book’s cover:
Source: Webb, H. (1872). Dogs: their points, whims, instincts, and peculiarities. London, England: Dean & Son
Dogdom, April 1909
A very retriever-y setter in Dogdom, May 1909
The guy’s weird pose + the way he’s looking at the dog = inclusion in this post.
From Dogdom, October 1911
I’m getting mafia vibes.
From Dogdom, October 1911
Dogdom, December 1911
Playing with???
Source: Lytton, J. (1911). Toy dogs and their ancestors. New York, New York: D. Appleton and Company
Obligated to include due to caption. Dogdom, June 1913
Mr. Haynes looks like he’s about to take a bite out of a grinder.
Dogdom, September 1913
Roofer collie.
Source: Hayford, M.E. (1916, June). The working collie. House and Garden, p. 23
“at high speeds”
Anon. (1916, August). The dog for the car. House and Garden, p. 29
For those unsure what kind of dog to get for your live boy, here’s your answer.
Lemmon, R.S. (October 1919). The Irish and airedale terriers. House and Garden, p. 59
Possibly Mr. Gibbs was thrown out of his house for his atrocious spelling and punctuation. From Dogdom, December 1911

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