Vintage Dogs: Oof

Forest and Stream, October 29, 1885
Mr. Lacy recommends Mr. Lacy in a classified ad from Forest and Stream, October 7, 1886.
It looks like they gave him a tiny goatee??? Source: James, G.B., Jr. (1894). The dog and how to breed, train and keep him. Boston, Massachusetts: Walnut Publishing Co
This whale-eyed cocker who looks like his head was ripped from his body in Turf, Field and Farm, July 9, 1897.
And by “systemic effort”, they mean “shot the ones we didn’t like”. An ad in the back pages of the book: Turpin, B.S. (1900). The beagle and the field trials. Baltimore, Maryland: F.J. Skinner
She may have no neck but she’s got a spine that could support a tiny roller coaster. Source: Huntington, H.W. (1901). The show dog. Providence, RI: Remington Printing Co
I’m not sure what the photographer was going for here but hopefully not that.
From Dogdom, May 1909
Tip: If your dog has a black patch in the middle of her topline, never pose her for a sideview against a black background. Dogdom, August 1909
Well yeah I guess a THREE POUND TUMOR in a Boston terrier would be a hindrance to producing puppies but now that it’s been removed, she might be useful. (Refer to post title.)
From Dogdom, December 1911
Of course she was in no condition to show, having just suffered an injury which caused the loss of her entire litter SO I SHOWED HER ANYWAY. Goddammit Boston people, get it together!
From Dogdom, January 1912
Not square, just intentionally deformed. From Dogdom, January 1912
Photos were occasionally submitted to Dogdom depicting dogs with an issue of the magazine as a prop. This one is the oofiest I can recall. Dogdom, May 1913
This poor collie. The Dog Fancier, July 1921

3 thoughts on “Vintage Dogs: Oof

  1. Considering how little modern veterinary medicine they had available over a century ago, it’s not surprising that a dam would be shown 9 days after miscarriage. Lives were much shorter, I guess the breeders just kept going.

  2. So much oof!

    Bitch who miscarried due to an accident couldn’t be shown so I showed her in only a couple of classes!

    I’m highly skeptical that the bulldog could walk at all well, which also ought to impair showing, but we know it doesn’t for Pekes today, sooo…

    I do wonder what that clearly bad man is doing to that poor collie.

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