Vintage Draught Dogs

Source: Barbou, A. (1883). Le chien; son histoire, ses exploits, ses aventures. Paris: Jouvet et cie
Two images of draught dogs, one at work, the other at rest, from the article:
Dennis, A. P. (1899, November). Life on a Yukon Trail. The National Geographic Magazine, pp. 457-466
Four images of draught dogs in the Flemish region of Belgium.
Source: E. M. B. (1901, August 31). The dogs of Flanders. Country Life, pp. 268-269
Source for two images above:
Voogt, G. D. (1907). Our domestic animals, their habits, intelligence and usefulness. Boston, Massachusetts: Ginn & Co.
Text and three photos above from:
Showalter, W. J. (1914, September). Belgium: The innocent bystander. The National Geographic Magazine, pp. 223-263
My dogs are terrified of thunder and fireworks. Harnessing them to live guns would be a disaster.
Source: Mason, W. E. (1915). Dogs of all nations. [S.l., s.n.]
Dogs pulling a cart of belongings of refugees fleeing the war in France.
From National Geographic Magazine, June 1918.
Source: Anon. (1919, March). The sagacity and courage of dogs. The National Geographic Magazine, pp. 253-274

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  1. Very interesting. In the 300-lb wheelbarrow photo, I keep seeing a pig hitched to the wheelbarrow. I have to kind of squint to see a dog.

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