Vintage Show Dogs XIV

Ch. Ted Obo pictured in the book:
Compton, H. (1904). The twentieth century dog, sporting. London: Grant Richards.
Dogdom, June 1908
Dogdom, October 1908
It only occurs to me now that I should have been naming my dogs Tad Pole all this time.
Dogdom, November 1908
Dogdom, February 1909
Source: Smith, A. C. (1909). Everyman’s book of the dog. London: Hodder and Stoughton
Champion Pony Obo, bred in Canada. Image from:
Lemmon, R. S. (1920, April). A splendid dog from Spain. House and Garden, p. 65
A prize winning red cairn, Balloch of Mercia.
Source: Cairns, D. H. (1920, July 24). Cairn terriers. Country Life, pp. 112-113
Source: Smith, A. C. (1920, November 6). The popular dog of the day. Country Life, pp. 593-595
Source: Smith, A. C. (1920, December 4). A canine John Bull. Country Life, pp. 737-739
Ch. Crivoch Cadet in the book:
Ash, E. C. (1927). Dogs: their history and development, volume II. Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin Company

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