Vintage Labrador Retrievers

The following photos and text are from a 1902 article in an English magazine:

Source for above images: Anon. (1902, August 23). The Labrador dog. Country Life, pp. 238-239

The breed entry below, from a 1909 book, indicates just one color for the Labrador: black.

Source: Smith, A. C. (1909). Everyman’s book of the dog. London: Hodder and Stoughton

A report on the retriever championship trials held in Wales in November 1910 appeared in Country Life magazine. There were eight dogs that ran, all of them labradors. Here are some of the photos from the article:

Source for seven images above: Anon. (1910, November 12). Champion retrievers. Country Life, pp. 694-696

Champion Beningbrough Tangle
Source: Ash, E. C. (1927). Dogs: their history and development, volume I. Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin Company

Source: Megargee, E. (1954). The dog dictionary. [1st ed.]. Cleveland, Ohio: World Pub. Co.

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