Vintage Show Dogs in England III

A prize winning male greyhound, measuring 29 inches at the shoulder, owned by Maud May.
Source: Country Life, August 10, 1901
A great Dane pictured in Country Life, November 16, 1901.
A curlycoated retriever in Country Life, February 15, 1902
Bulldogs from:
Anon. (1902, March 22). Famous kennels: Mr. W. F. Pegg’s. Country Life, pp. 365-367
Source: Anon. (1902, April 12). Famous kennels: Mr. R. Hood Wright’s. Country Life, pp. 470-472
Male rough-coated St. Bernard
Source: Anon. (1902, May 31). A noted kennel of St. Bernards. Country Life, pp. 696-698
Source for photos and text on the last four dogs:
Anon. (1902, October 18). Some of Mr. Holgate’s dogs. Country Life, pp. 493-494

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