Vintage Dogs: More Oof

All hail the dog for not biting this kid.
From Country Life, July 20, 1901
Source: Y. (1903, February 21). The Quorn hounds. Country Life, pp. 229-231
I think these dogs are blinking S. O. S. in Morse code. From Dogdom, April 1908.
Lordy, I’d hate to have seen the competition. From Dogdom, May 1908
This hardly serves to explain the pipe or the head wound but ok.
Dogdom, November 1908
Above: An Irish setter being advertised in the stud in the November 1908 issue of Dogdom. Below: A blurb in the same issue about the dog.
I’m assuming “shed” was a typo and should have been “stud” but hey, maybe they set him up in a little bachelor shed to entertain his lady friends.
I want to make fun of the name but I can’t stop looking at the ears.
From Dogdom, February 1910
I doubt they had red eyes but anyway, how much for the pair?
From National Geographic Magazine, October 1912.
Sooo is the guy going to shoot from on top of that boulder?! Source: Mason, W. E. (1915). Dogs of all nations. [S.l., s.n.]
Source: Nelson, E. W. (1918, May). Smaller mammals of North America. The National Geographic Magazine, pp. 391-493
Gorgeous photo, unexpected caption.
Source: Anon. (1919, March). The sagacity and courage of dogs. The National Geographic Magazine, pp. 253-274
Get your sawed-down fox terriers here! From House and Garden, March 1920

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