Chained Mama Dog Shot to Death by KY Dog Warden

Any dog warden would – or should – know that, while most dogs are friendly, there are certain dogs strangers should approach with extra caution in order to determine how reactive the dog may or may not be.  Dogs who have been fending for themselves on the streets, dogs on chains and dogs who have just whelped a litter would all be candidates for GO SLOW.  This poor dog in KY was in all three categories.

She was a stray who followed a man home one day.  He and his wife contacted the dog warden to pick her up and put her on a chain in their yard until the dog warden could come.  It sounds like the wife particularly became friendly with the dog and named her Mama.  The dog whelped a litter of nine puppies and allowed the wife to hold her babies.

When the dog warden finally showed up, no one was home.  The wife had gone to pick up her son.  The dog warden says Mama attacked him three times.  If she attacked him once, I would think that would be sufficient warning to back off and wait for someone the dog was familiar with to arrive.  But it sounds as if he approached the dog repeatedly until it came down to what he describes as a situation where “it was me or her. Bottom line.”

He shot Mama to death.  Then he took her 9 babies to the pound where they were killed.

Considering that Mama was on a goddamn chain, I don’t see how it could have been a life threatening situation for the dog warden.  Further, I don’t understand what the urgency was in seizing the dog.  He took his time getting there, why not wait a little longer until the family arrived home?  In fact, the family did come home during the incident but it was too late to save Mama.  And finally, why would the 9 pups be killed?  Was there any plea made to the public for fosters willing to bottle feed?  Was there any effort whatsoever invested in attempting to save 9 or 5 or 3 or even ONE of these puppies?  It doesn’t sound like it.

Needless killing of a friendly pet and her nine newborn pups by someone paid by the community to protect pets from harm.  The county stands behind the dog warden 100%, in case you were wondering.

At the link, there is a brief video (I am guessing it was taken by the wife as a keepsake) of Mama and her pups.  She is absolutely beautiful and being such a good mama dog in the video.

Pitbull Bite in PA: The Wrong Debate

In Pennsylvania, a Pitbull dam who had just whelped a litter bit a 7 year old neighbor girl in the face:

Princess had recently delivered a litter of puppies when Dunn came over to visit Gasch’s Homestead duplex Thursday morning.
Gasch told WTAE Channel 4 Action News that while she was stuffing school supplies in her son’s backpack, Jenna — who has played with Princess often — went into the bedroom with Gasch’s son. According to her son, Jenna knelt down to play with one of the puppies, at which Princess became protective.”
Jenna asked me to see the puppies multiple times. I told her, no, she cannot see the puppies she cannot go in my room don’t go upstairs do not even play on my steps,” said Gasch.
But Dunn said Gasch’s son invited her upstairs to see Princess while his mother was sleeping.
Dunn’s family said the attack is enough to warrant the dog being put down.

The article discusses the debate over whether the dog deserves to be killed. To me, a more appropriate debate might include any of the following:

  • Is the dog’s owner well suited to have a dog? She has multiple violations for letting previous dogs roam loose, including one incident where her dog was shot by a neighbor.
  • Was the dog’s owner asleep or getting her son’s backpack ready for school when the incident occurred? How did the kids get into the room in either circumstance?
  • Were the 7 year old girl’s parents aware that “Princess” had just whelped a litter? If so, why did they allow her to visit the house unattended?

Kid left unsupervised with dogs=bad idea.
Kid left unsupervised with a neighbor’s dog=worse idea.
Kid left unsupervised with a neighbor’s dog who had just whelped a litter=*sounds buzzer* Sorry, thanks for playing.