Chained Mama Dog Shot to Death by KY Dog Warden

Any dog warden would – or should – know that, while most dogs are friendly, there are certain dogs strangers should approach with extra caution in order to determine how reactive the dog may or may not be.  Dogs who have been fending for themselves on the streets, dogs on chains and dogs who have just whelped a litter would all be candidates for GO SLOW.  This poor dog in KY was in all three categories.

She was a stray who followed a man home one day.  He and his wife contacted the dog warden to pick her up and put her on a chain in their yard until the dog warden could come.  It sounds like the wife particularly became friendly with the dog and named her Mama.  The dog whelped a litter of nine puppies and allowed the wife to hold her babies.

When the dog warden finally showed up, no one was home.  The wife had gone to pick up her son.  The dog warden says Mama attacked him three times.  If she attacked him once, I would think that would be sufficient warning to back off and wait for someone the dog was familiar with to arrive.  But it sounds as if he approached the dog repeatedly until it came down to what he describes as a situation where “it was me or her. Bottom line.”

He shot Mama to death.  Then he took her 9 babies to the pound where they were killed.

Considering that Mama was on a goddamn chain, I don’t see how it could have been a life threatening situation for the dog warden.  Further, I don’t understand what the urgency was in seizing the dog.  He took his time getting there, why not wait a little longer until the family arrived home?  In fact, the family did come home during the incident but it was too late to save Mama.  And finally, why would the 9 pups be killed?  Was there any plea made to the public for fosters willing to bottle feed?  Was there any effort whatsoever invested in attempting to save 9 or 5 or 3 or even ONE of these puppies?  It doesn’t sound like it.

Needless killing of a friendly pet and her nine newborn pups by someone paid by the community to protect pets from harm.  The county stands behind the dog warden 100%, in case you were wondering.

At the link, there is a brief video (I am guessing it was taken by the wife as a keepsake) of Mama and her pups.  She is absolutely beautiful and being such a good mama dog in the video.

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  1. It kills me that this happened not far from me. My first thought,too, was the ACO should have known better then to approach the momma dog. She was only doing what any mother dog would do and that is protect her puppies. I feel sorry for the woman as well since she really was trying to do right by the momma and her puppies. One thing I am learning is animal abuse happens everywhere and KY is no exception to the rule.

  2. What I don’t understand is why the hell these dog “wardens” even carry guns? It’s so stupid and they’re obviously trigger happy. Give them squirt guns with pepper spray if they have to shoot! Sheeeeeesh!!!!!!!!

  3. I have over & over only seen & heard of the bad things animal control “officers” do. Why are so many sociopaths & psychopaths In those positions? I believe they are attracted to jobs where they can force their evil will upon others & the defenceless animals can’t speak of their abuses.

    People in positions to easily abuse and kill animals need to be looked at closely by others for signs of sociopathic behavior & releaved of duties when noted. This Kentucky idiot fits the profile.

  4. Sickening! That poor little family – and the woman who was trying to help her.
    Moral of the story is – if at all possible, either keep the animal or do your own adopting (unless you are 100% sure this kind of thing won’t happen).

    1. How about: Reform our shelter system so that animal hating freaks feel unwelcome and unwanted there and good sams can feel confident that bringing a stray pet there is A-OK.

      1. Of course . . . in my perfect world! Until then, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  5. Hmmm the dog “attacked” him? I didn’t see any wounds – where is the medical report from the ER? Just another trigger-happy, gangbanger and dirty-cat hater doing its danged job…

    1. Exactly. I don’t believe a word he said. And I hear he has been in trouble before…for the same thing.

  6. Check out the comments on that article – there is some information there about this Warden claiming that Mamma broke her chain and chased him around his vehicle, while Jessica claims that he pulled up the stake himself.

    Yet another disaster that will never see a proper resolution. 10 dogs dead, at least 9 of them were nothing short of wholly innocent (and certainly I don’t see anything that would cause me to believe otherwise about Mamma either). That ALONE should be cause for concern.

  7. In a news conference, the ACO says “the chain broke” and “as soon as I stepped out of my vehicle the dog attacked me.” I’d like to know from the lady who took the video if the chain was broken when returned to her, or if it showed any signs of weakness/breaking before.

    I hate this, hate that these people had to call so many times before Animal control would come out and that the ACO did not approach this situation correctly. Why couldn’t he give a timeframe of when he would be there so that the lady could help him with the dog, and make sure that he didn’t take the wrong dog? Why didn’t he have better training in dog behavior? Why didn’t he bring dog treats instead of a GUN? And why didn’t he wait for the supposed tranquilizer to take effect? Every day, caring animal loving ACO’s go out without guns and are able to help animals (they do exist, by the way). Also in the news story he states that the complainant is already present when the dog was still alive. From her story, the dog was already dead when she arrived!! If anyone else wants to read it, this part of the story is at thelevisalazer dot com.

    Also there is a story on facebook of a yellow lab that was shot in the eye by a deputy after he barged in the back yard while children were present! This happened in Blacksburg, SC Cherokee County. Makes me want to get a tall tall fence with padlocked gate, and security cameras.

    1. He would have killed her anyway … looked what he did to the pups. I bet he killed them the same day.


  8. Not to sound like a broken record but please check out this article of our dog warden here in Brown County, OH. Please just copy and paste the link in a new tab to view. It also includes a video of our “homemade” gas chamber.

    The thing is he is STILL our dog warden. Our animal shelter is run by him. He has stopped all fostering, all community involvement and it is no longer open on weekends. He does not care about whether the animals get adopted “That’s not my job to find them homes. My job is to bring them in”.So with the shelter only being open till 6 pm weekdays it’s hard to get people in there who work during the week. What this guy does is he posts an Urgent List just about weekly with a euth date and time and the rescues scramble and get all the dogs out. Problem is the rescues are getting saturated.

    We at the Brown County Humane Society are trying to take over the shelter, but our county commissioners are hesitant so we are asking for an email writing campaign to please ask the commissioners to let the Humane Society take over the shelter.

    Brown County Humane Society – Georgetown, OH
    Let the commissioners know why you think BCHS should take over the operations of the Brown County animal shelter FULL time. Call 937-378-3956 or email at: commissioners@browncountyohio.​gov

    Thank you.

    Dog wardens very often get away with murder…literally :(

  9. How did this maroon get his job, since he seems to have absolutely no knowledge of animals? Did he ever think to wait for the owners, in case he was at the wrong house or it was the wrong dog?

    Humans don’t deserve this planet.

    1. I would ‘Like’ your statement if I could! This is what lazy incompetent barbaric people do…

  10. I hear of this too many times too count. I remember reading about an incidence in Alabama where a police officer was going to a house that was being robbed and there was a dog CHAINED, NEXT DOOR and the officer was so skiddish or whatever that she shot the dog 9 times before it died. The owner was devastated, of course, and nothing ever came of it. So sad that 10 innocent lives were lost here.

  11. What the f—? This is heartbreaking and makes absolutely no sense. Why do ACO’s even carry guns? I seems that shelters around the country are full of sociopaths and criminals. This breaks my heart. I can only hope and pray for divine justice for this poor, unfortunate canine family.

  12. This dog warden sounds untrained (saves money). Sounds like a case when two ACOs should have been called, but that would cost money. Sounds like they carry a gun instead of sending two ACOs when needed in order to save money = it’s cheaper & faster for them to shoot dogs, so that’s what they’re going to do.

    Also sounds like the news story got their facts wrong.

    People need to stop threatening him because it’s just gaining him sympathy (with some people) & distracting attention away from the facts.

  13. it has come to light that Bill Richards is related by marriage to Judge Osborne. Also there is a poll being conducted on the Levisa Lazer being conducted as to whether Bill Richards acted responsibly in killing this canine whom we have named Jewel. The “no” votes far outnumber the “yes” votes.

  14. Just heartbroken that we have morons like this guy working in a field where heart must be used along with the head in making decisions. Sounds like this idiot has neither. He should lose his job and that county should be ashamed of itself for backing him. This is a typical good ole boy attitude and these people are fools.

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