Henry’s Great Escape

I have a fat head.

2:50 p.m.  He’s outta there!  Thank you Kristen for volunteering to go to MAS and bail Henry out.  Kristen reports one kiss received thus far.  They are on their way to the vet clinic so Henry can receive treatment and boarding.

3:15 p.m.  This is Henry at the vet’s office.  I’m sure Meows & BowWows will let me know what the vet says later and I will share that here.

I will need $1000 worth of chow to get me through my first week.

I will update this post as I receive information.

37 thoughts on “Henry’s Great Escape

  1. Fantastic…yay Henry! And congrats to everyone who made this happen…you are awesome beyond words.

  2. I beleive this is called teamwork! We all have that common goal of saving the animals….maybe, one day soon, those at MAS and affiliated parties, will have those same goals – working together, NOT killing the fur babies!!! Thanks to ALL that made this rescue a reality!!! YAY Henry!

  3. OMG he looks so so happy. Thanks to everyone he is on his way to a great life. Well deserved.

  4. Way to go!! I am so happy for Henry! Thank you Kristin, Meows & Bow Wows and everyone else involved. Great news.

  5. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAD A HAND IN GETTING HENRY OUTTA THAT PLACE! He looks like a very happy, grateful mushbug!
    How is he with cats? (No, I really didn’t ask that, did I?)
    You made my day!

    1. We don’t know anything about him yet but over time, I’ll provide updates. You may need a supersize motor home if you are coming down to pick up this one db – his head alone is going to take up the passenger side.

  6. He has such a cute face! In a way this makes me angry, because this kind of picture would save a dog or cat’s life. But Much A-lot of Sleaze does not bother to take those kinds of pictures, or any at all!!

  7. do our contributions to Chip In help these pets.. I hope so.. what a great JOB.. and a great DOG.. thanks everyone..heartwarming.. do you need more money?

    1. Yes the ChipIn donations are being spent on Jane and Henry and anyone else we can get out in future. More money is always welcome, appreciated and will be spent wisely on pets who need it. Thank you!

  8. What a happy boy! Just needs to grow into that big old head now.
    Dirty cat gangbangin dog dumpers–THANKS!! YesBiscuit–MORE THANKS!!

  9. That’s great he’s getting a chance. :)

    I just want to say, please be careful when placing any mastiff/mastiff mix. They are not like other dogs. I volunteer for a rescue and there is a reason that every mastiff we have had (except one who was adopted by previous wonderful mastiff adopters on the first go-around) was returned, most of them for biting (one of them because he wouldn’t stay off the couch, lol). People think they can handle these dogs, get them home, and discover that they can’t handle a 100+lb dog with normal obnoxious untrained dog behavior + guardian instincts. Is the person who is taking this dog prepared to have a dog who may protect, may guard them once he is bonded to them? Mastiffs were bred to guard. Even bench-bred English Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs, have some guardian instinct in them. Mastiffs who have not been socialized properly may guard inappropriately. Please make sure whoever gets this dog is prepared to handle these things should they arise.

    This dog looks like a great boy. But sometimes its a matter of getting a dog into the right hands. I knew a mastiff who was adopted and returned because he bit his newly adoptive owner and took him to the ground, probably because the owner was of the punitive type and the dog was defending itself. I have 700+ pictures of this dog that shows he was a complete lamb with me, and was a safe animal in my hands.

    I am of the mind that most bites happen because people are idiots (you don’t know how many times I’ve heard of people getting bitten because they stuck their hand under furniture/into a crate and tried to drag out the scared dog hiding within). I only write this caution because I am passionate about mastiffs/mastiff types as a whole and I want to see this dog set up for success. :)

    1. Hey, if Henry gets mean, they can always kill him later, right?
      Thanks to LuAnn for pushing the envelope on this boy. I’m amazed he wasn’t murdered on his way in the MAS door. But, I suppose as *evidence* of a cruelty case, they couldn’t dispose of him right away.
      Remarkable differences between photo here and MAS webcam shots. At least they fed him while they had him!
      Glad to hear that Henry is out. Hope he has as much fun as his face says he can.

      1. If you had read my last sentence, you would see that “I only want to see this dog set up for SUCCESS.” So there is no need to post sarcastic comments. I don’t view euthanasia for behavioral issues lightly, although I do believe it can be necessary in severe cases where people cannot be kept reasonably safe from the dog, and the dog has poor quality of life (what kind of life is it for a dog if daily life makes them feel like they have to react aggressively all the time?) I’m not saying that Henry will or will not display any of the behavior I outlined in my previous post. For all I know perhaps he’s just a big, adorable bowl of pudding. I am just saying this is what should be looked out for. I speak from experience. Its not like I’ve met one mastiff and decided this was how it is. I have met and worked with many mastiffs in rescue. I have also been on the bad side of an angry Fila Brasiliero who was kept in a garage and not socialized properly who thought she needed to protect my friend from me because I raised my hand in the air while I was talking.

        I know people don’t want to hear this, everyone just wants to go ZOMG WE SAVED A DOG FROM A HORRIBLE SHELTER, YAY! But what good does it do you to pull these dogs and place them if they just get bounced back to you because you knew nothing about them or their breed tendencies and just threw them in the first available home? Isn’t one of the things outlined in the No Kill Equation pet retention? You can’t have pet retention if you don’t match people with the right pet for them.

        How much do you learn about these dogs before you pull them from MAS? Are they good with kids? Other dogs? Cats? Do they know any commands? Do they have any resource guarding issues? Are they crate-trained? Potty-trained? Any separation anxiety? These are important to know. Adopters ask me these things all the time. Some of you might be just fine pulling any dog form the shelter and dealing with whatever issue comes your way. But most families that come to the rescue I volunteer for are just looking for a nice family pet they can take on walks, perhaps to the dog park or the soccer game. But anyway, I ramble. :p

      2. CristyF, your concerns are well-founded, of course, for any large breed dog (and many small breeds, too!). But we cannot get the kind of information you ask from MAS. They often cannot tell you if a dog is male or female or spayed/neutered…”good with kids or not” information simply isn’t going to happen under the current administration. And given how little they apparently know about animal behavior and body language, I wouldn’t trust them to evaluate an animal anyway.

        I do think it’s a terrible disservice to those who pulled this dog to assume that they will simply give him to the first person who says, “Yes, I would like this dog.” The sheer effort that it takes to get an animal safely out of MAS precludes the likelihood that the people doing the pulling are not heavily invested in the venture. They are. They continue to be.

        And yes, Henry may be a bowl of pudding. Or he may have some very serious behavior issues, we do not know. And we don’t have the luxury of finding out beforehand. What we do have is dedicated people willing to go the extra mile and do what can be done for every animal they pull. If Henry turns out to be an irredeemable psycho face-eater, then hard decisions will have to be made. But he deserves his shot at a fair evaluation. And thanks to a small group of invested and caring people, he’s about to get it.

      3. @mikken: Thank you for putting that so eloquently. I would say to Christy F., as a person who singlehandedly runs a Sanctuary for animals such as you discuss, your concerns are very well founded. But the team effort and the lack of any info streaming (or oozing) from MAS makes pre-pull eval impossible. Since the majority of people involved in these pulls and rescues are devoted beyond words, if Henry needs help, he’ll surely get it. Worry not.

  10. yay!!!!Now I need a kind heart to take the twin blue eyed blonde 4 week old male kitties I was only supposed to “foster”. I cant keep them, didn’t plan to, only wanted them not to be killed and took them from a nice lady who’d rescued too many at once from mas..They’ve been wormed, are eating almost solid food now, and are precious. Let me know.I do need your help. One of my dogs is a diabetic and this is stressing her to pieces…she is my chemo angel..

  11. LOL He does have a fat head, but he is so so so CUTE! And I am sure once he is loved and loved, he’ll give slobbery silly kisses. lets just hope he doesn’t sit on his new owner. he looks HUGE:) I love the picture of him at what I am assuming is the Vet’s office. The big guy looks so damned grateful to be away from the smell of death his eyes are already shining with happiness …You are so right, if these pictures were posted, and if the web cam was still in motion, i’d just bet there would be so mnay more interested adopters. But with the negative press, and the huge amount of unchecked disease that was rampant several months ago these people need to be shouting to the world that they are cleaning their act up, instead of the continuation of abuse, arrests, well, you get my drift. I get so goddamned mad because this is senseless, it can be fixed. And if I had room, didn’t have a very needy dog, Roxie is 7 pounds of trouble=love and diabetic, and another newly rescued cat,plus the 2 fosters, I’d fill my home with them. Thinking I’ll move on to a farm one day. Blessings to those who have heart, it will be repaid with unconditional love..And stcok up on his food.LOL.

  12. Yay! Horray for Kristen and whoever else helped to get this adorable face out! Mas: 0 “Irresponsible Public”: 1.

  13. To stereotype mastiff breeds, or any other breed for that matter as “They are not like other dogs”, is a very dangerous thing to do. Bully breeds were and are said not to be like any other dog and look at the reputation they have.
    No dog breed is alike and anyone looking to adopt/buy a dog should research breeds and their tendencies and rescues should look for people who have done that research and also educate the adopting party and evaluate the dog to set them up for success.
    Also on a side note I have had the pleasure of meeting and helping out with several mastiffs including a new mother and never had a single one want to lash out at me (oooohh man how i wanted one of those pups!!). However I did return a ball to a woman and her three off leash hot dogs and got several nice bites on my ankle last week and they still sting.

    If i was allowed another dog I would be driving down to Memphis to pick Henry up right now!! I love love LOVE his face!

  14. Also people love abused animals. Why was this story not brought to the medias attention by MAS? When Patrick was found in NJ thousands of people stepped up to adopt and “save” him. It resulted in increased adoptions and and increased donations. WHY WHY WHY does MAS not make any effort?

  15. I’m so glad he is safe. I agree that really any dog, no matter the breed, needs to be assessed and worked with before being placed. My vet always says she’s been bitten by cocker spaniels far more often than any of the “aggressive” breeds LOL, and that she’d take being locked in a room with a pit over a cocker any day. Of course, the larger stronger dogs can do more damage, but its unfair to label any dog.
    That being said, I do appreciate the input of CristyF and know that some breeds have breed-specific temperaments, which should be taken into account when being looked at by potential adopters. but I also agree with Mikken that there is no way to get that info from MAS with these dogs in stray area. Heck when I went to look at the pibble a couple weeks ago the sweet volunteer who showed him to me got in trouble for doing so. (Insert head-banging-on-wall smiley face here).

    So glad this boy is out of there and hope he does well.

  16. Finally, a happy thing at the end of a very sad week…thank you all for winning The Race To Save Henry!

  17. Henry’s Great Escape is one of the most wonderful rescues of the year in my opinon, I would present everyone involved with a gold medal if I could but instead just know you made a lot of people very happy by doing what you did and this is one rescue I will never forget as long as I live.

    Huge respect and admiration to the rescuers, there are angels amongst us and Henry’s new life is proof and truth of your tremendous and incredibly heartwarming dedication to saving lives.

    Thank you all xxxx

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