8 thoughts on “Cry to Me

  1. REALLY?! Their grievance is that the web cams go to the internet where *mean people* can see them being cruel, lazy and abusive. Poor babies indeed.
    There are times that I don’t really like unions. This is one of them.
    Is that really Hogan’s signature on the grievance form?! Oh yea, I’m sure ALL the employees are affected…so why does the one they fired get to sign on the dotted line? Dumb luck I suppose.
    Please note that Jon didn’t file the grievance…
    Can’t wait to see that RFP. I’m thinkin’ privatizing Animal Control (or at least the adoption half of the equation) might be the ticket to ditching the criminals AND the union.

    1. I’m not sure on this but as best as I can tell, the union is optional – MAS employees can choose to join or not. Now as for there possibly being two D. Hogans at the place, IDK but that would be an interesting coincidence.

  2. @Nicci: that report makes me wanna bitchslap that smirk off Hogan’s face. the whole thing stinks. I hope Max’s family SUES THE CITY AND HOGAN on civil charges.

    As for our poor poor Kapone, I am thinking that if $11,000 has not brought the ugly creatures out of the woodwork, well, just sayin’.

    1. Where do I stand in line to get my bitch-slap in? And I’m sure there would be a long line. Isn’t that smirk & face the evilest you’ve ever seen?

      The form signed by D. Hogan appears she is also the union stewart. How does an evil person of such low character ever get promoted to that position and a union stewart? It shows me that whoever hired or promoted that kind of person obviously has a lack of judgement & is not much better.

      She alone knows about Kapone & until she talks it’s doubtful any answers will be forthcoming. $11,000 should loosen someone’s lips if anyone else had answers locally. The persons holding Kapone may not know the amount of reward, especially in another state.

      1. Yah, we can start a line for the bitch-slap. The reason people like her get to those positions if GREASING OF PALMS and I do say it goes all the way to AC and maybe beyond (imho). Also, I understand that the reward is still at $8000 or whatever it was before, the $11000 is apparently a mistake. Even so…she knows where Kapone is, dead or alive, and since the USA has decided that torture is okeydokey, why not try a little on her? As far as I am concerned, she deserves it.

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