Former Director of GA Shelter Found Guilty by Jury

Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby, the former director of the now defunct Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter in Rabun Co, GA has been found guilty on 60 felony counts by a jury.  Prosecutors say Kilby used the no kill brand to bilk donors into giving money to her “Lucky Dog” program which she then funneled into her personal Paypal account – to the tune of $10 grand.

Screengrab of Kilby's scam programs at the Boggs Mountain shelter [via Metro]

Screengrab of Kilby’s scam programs at the Boggs Mountain shelter [via Metro]

Regular readers will recall that Kilby ran a pay-to-play scam where she would guarantee dogs at the fake no kill shelter would be allowed to live if they received a sponsorship of $100.  Kilby would pocket the cash, kill the “Lucky Dog”, then send the sponsor a yay-your-sponsored-dog-got-adopted letter.  Kilby was fired in July 2012 after a tenacious Atlanta news reporter received a tip and exposed the scam on the evening news.

After being charged in September 2013 with 60 felony counts including theft and racketeering, Kilby spent 2 hours in jail then went on a cruise.  Her trial this month lasted less than 2 weeks and it took the jury less than 4 hours to return the guilty verdict on all 60 counts.  Kilby has yet to be sentenced but presumably won’t be going on another cruise anytime soon.

Since the killing of healthy shelter pets is tragically legal, Kilby was not charged with animal cruelty.  Instead she has been relegated to the Michael Vick Hall of Shame for those who needlessly and cruelly kill pets and never pay for their crimes.  Like Vick, Kilby will at least pay for her racketeering crimes.  There ought to be a law.

Note:  Since the verdict is a recent development in the story, updates are likely to be posted throughout the day at various news outlets.  Please share links to any updates you come across in the comments.

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Charlotte Charity Collects Money for “Shelter Pet Enrichment”, Buys Soda for Pet Killers

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg pound in NC is a pet killing facility under the police department with a sordid history of, shall we say, questionable judgment.  It comes as little surprise that Char-Meck would partner with this crock-o-501c3 called the Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund which asks people to donate on its homepage:

Your support allows us to enrich the shelter environment at CMPD Animal Care & Control and create happy pets ready for their forever home.

And when they say “enrich the shelter environment”, they mean for the people who kill pets instead of doing their jobs.  You didn’t think it was enriching the environment for the pets – the ones that are going into the wheelbarrow anyway – did you?  Silly human.  Shelter Pet Enrichment means something different in Charlotte, apparently.

The Char-Meck pound posted overnight on its Facebook page:

snacks for pet killers

There were also several photos on Facebook displaying the Cracker Jacks, sodas and other junk food purchased for the staff.

cracker jacks


Oh yeah and that “staff that will be working through the holidays”?  The Char-Meck pound states on its website that it will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week. The original posting on the website read:

In recognition of Thanksgiving (Thursday, Nov 28) and Black Friday (Friday, Nov 29), Animal Care & Control will be CLOSED. We’ll reopen on Saturday, Nov 30 at 11am.

They later duh-changed it to remove the reference to Black Friday as a holiday.  So while Char-Meck won’t be sending any pets out alive on Thursday or Friday, at least the people there doing the killing will be hopped up on sugar which will surely be a comfort to the animals.  Consider your environment enriched, suckers.

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