Charlotte Charity Collects Money for “Shelter Pet Enrichment”, Buys Soda for Pet Killers

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg pound in NC is a pet killing facility under the police department with a sordid history of, shall we say, questionable judgment.  It comes as little surprise that Char-Meck would partner with this crock-o-501c3 called the Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund which asks people to donate on its homepage:

Your support allows us to enrich the shelter environment at CMPD Animal Care & Control and create happy pets ready for their forever home.

And when they say “enrich the shelter environment”, they mean for the people who kill pets instead of doing their jobs.  You didn’t think it was enriching the environment for the pets – the ones that are going into the wheelbarrow anyway – did you?  Silly human.  Shelter Pet Enrichment means something different in Charlotte, apparently.

The Char-Meck pound posted overnight on its Facebook page:

snacks for pet killers

There were also several photos on Facebook displaying the Cracker Jacks, sodas and other junk food purchased for the staff.

cracker jacks


Oh yeah and that “staff that will be working through the holidays”?  The Char-Meck pound states on its website that it will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week. The original posting on the website read:

In recognition of Thanksgiving (Thursday, Nov 28) and Black Friday (Friday, Nov 29), Animal Care & Control will be CLOSED. We’ll reopen on Saturday, Nov 30 at 11am.

They later duh-changed it to remove the reference to Black Friday as a holiday.  So while Char-Meck won’t be sending any pets out alive on Thursday or Friday, at least the people there doing the killing will be hopped up on sugar which will surely be a comfort to the animals.  Consider your environment enriched, suckers.

(Thanks Lisa and April for sending me info for this post.)

22 thoughts on “Charlotte Charity Collects Money for “Shelter Pet Enrichment”, Buys Soda for Pet Killers

  1. Wow. Talk about misuse of funds. Given how oblivious they are to how inappropriate this is, you have to wonder what else they’re doing that is highly inappropriate? Clearly, getting animals out of the shelter alive is not a priority. Snack food, that’s a priority.

    1. That’s what gets me – how do they not realize how wrong this is? It’s called the “Shelter Pet Enrichment Fund,” not the “Shelter Staff Ensnackment Fund.” They’re very clearly leading people to believe that their donations will go to purchasing items for the animals.

  2. This “shelter” is on my cringe list, so nothing they do surprises me . As soon as I see the name, I am prepared to be appallled. The staff deserve coal in their stockings.

  3. They clearly have no clue – you can tell by the photos.
    I’m with you, Clarice, about this place. Nothing surprises me. And I guess you can’t fix STUPID. IF I donated to some fund that implied enrichment for the animals, then that’s what I would expect would happen – buying things FOR the animals.

  4. “According to your previous post you are closed on Thursday and Friday so just who will be working those days that needs to be hopped up on junk food and sugar? And why buy a bunch of crap snacks when you could have bought enrichments for your animals? I’m guessing some of the 9232 animals you killed last year would have benefited if you’d put that funding into an adoption program instead but you clearly have your priorities and it ISN’T the animals in your care. ” I just posted that on their facebook page, wonder how long it will be before they remove it…

  5. I am constantly sicken by these 501cs who are set up to support, encircle, and protect the killing AC/Shelters.
    They mobilize their nazis to destroy anyone or any org who tries to make changes in the public venue.
    You bring up promoting TNR at a BOCC and they flood the room with their killer endorsers to shout you down.
    It’s coming- its coming- people will start fighting back. So a heads uP to all you killing endorsers- you better find a rock to crawl under for when the people rise up you will not be safe.

    1. Oh, no. I’m much more vengeful than that. I want them to be safe. I reckon there are few punishments worse than having to live with themselves, and few greater pleasures than the revenge of good lives for the pets they would’ve mocked and killed.

      Mind you, it wouldn’t hurt if they could be brought to be ashamed of themselves, but honestly? I wonder if people like this have the capacity. There’s certainly little or no honor in them, given the use of these funds.

  6. Just so you know, if you post ANYTHING on their facebook page you will receive this delightful response before they delete your comment. Censorship anyone?
    ‘CMPD Animal Care and Control wrote: “Please understand that the City of Charlotte’s Social Media Policy requires us to delete all comments (negative and positive) from our facebook page. In the event of any misunderstanding, the staff at Animal Care & Control were merely a recipient of refreshments provided by an outside organization.” ‘

    1. I was just going to post that. Guess they don’t like the public to know and comment on what they do. Figures!

  7. It seems pretty clear that the staff took money from the Pet Enrichment Fund and went out themselves and bought the snacks. The words “…the staff…were merely a recipient of refreshments provided by an outside organization.” tries to make it seem that somehow an outside organization just dropped by with treats, without any prompting. I call bullshit.

  8. If anything like my local shelter…only the “adoptable” dogs and cats will benefit from Christmas gifts. The cats stuffed in cages in the back room or the dogs lying on the concrete floors will not.
    Not getting jack from me…I’ll donate to the rescues that pull.

  9. Maybe its really a plot to rot the staffs’ teeth and clog up their arteries? C’mon Karma, this place really needs you.

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