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Trivial Pursuits

I discovered something about myself the other day – many of my favorite wild animals are all slow.  I’m surprised I never recognized this before, because I think about animals quite a lot.  So this is a major trivial revelation (a jumbo shrimp revelation?).  At any rate, I realize some of these animals are not always slow but it is a common theme.

Some of my faves:

Trivial Pursuits

I’m not up for any in-depth typing at the moment but wanted to share something trivial and get your response:
What is your favorite baby animal and why?
Mine is baby cats. I have always loved tiny versions of things and to me, kittens look very much like tiny versions of adult cats. Just like a cat all squooshed down to size. Some baby animals, for example puppies, ducklings and lion cubs, change quite a bit before reaching their adult form. So yes, I can think they are cute, but they don’t meet that “tiny version” criteria. And anything born with just skin (no fur/feathers) – sorry, but you are disqualified for me.
Oh and while I’m being trivial, I’ll add that my favorite kind of cat is your garden variety tiger striped with white.
Do you have a favorite baby animal?

Trivial Pursuit

Interesting tidbit I came across regarding the most popular dogs in Los Angeles County:

1. Chihuahua named Princess (1,262)
2. Chihuahua named Chiquita (1,138)
3. German Shepherd named Lucky (862)
4. Chihuahua named Lucky (819)
5. German Shepherd named Max (784)

Made me wonder what the stats might be for my county. I might add that I had a stuffed GSD as a kid that I named Max and I’m rather dismayed to see all these folks that copied offa me.