Trivial Pursuits

I’m not up for any in-depth typing at the moment but wanted to share something trivial and get your response:
What is your favorite baby animal and why?
Mine is baby cats. I have always loved tiny versions of things and to me, kittens look very much like tiny versions of adult cats. Just like a cat all squooshed down to size. Some baby animals, for example puppies, ducklings and lion cubs, change quite a bit before reaching their adult form. So yes, I can think they are cute, but they don’t meet that “tiny version” criteria. And anything born with just skin (no fur/feathers) – sorry, but you are disqualified for me.
Oh and while I’m being trivial, I’ll add that my favorite kind of cat is your garden variety tiger striped with white.
Do you have a favorite baby animal?

7 thoughts on “Trivial Pursuits

  1. I got sent a forward of a baby hedgehog, rolled up in a ball in someone’s hand, with just it’s little face & feets sticking out… & I’m no sap, but OMG KYOOOT!

    As an Aussie, we’re pretty spoilt for adorable fuzzy babies, but now I want to just go to the UK and nom nom nom all the baby hedgehogs…

  2. I love puppies, but mostly because I appreciate how much FUN they are.

    But I think baaaaaaaby cats win for things I only want as babies. (this is why I don’t have a cat- once they grow up and stop being all 24/7 pouncey, I’m not very interested. :P)

  3. Hedgehogs. Baby hedgehogs are called “hoglets”. I mean… come on. If you didn’t “awwwww” out loud at the concept of a “hoglet”, there is something wrong with you! ;)

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