Shelter Pets in Dallas GA Need Your Help

Those within reach of the Atlanta metro area, please help spread the word that the Paulding Humane Society in Dallas, GA needs to find homes for all their pets ASAP. The shelter has a severe rat infestation and needs to close for at least two weeks for construction work to deal with the problem. They have reportedly reached out to other shelters for assistance without success.  Any pets remaining after May 28 will be killed.  In an effort to help get pets adopted, they have reduced their adoption fees to $20.  See their pets in need of homes here.

H/T to reader Clarice, who was also the winner of the dog cookbook raffle.  Thank you and thank you Clarice!

8 thoughts on “Shelter Pets in Dallas GA Need Your Help

    1. Thank you Pibble. I hope so too. As with all of these type of postings, I am sorely tempted to rent a truck and adopt every single pet in the place myself.

      1. I hear you… I hope they fix this problem within the timeframe they’ve allotted. What worries me is that they’re not taking in new animals (obviously, they can’t), but what’s going to happen to those poor critters in the meantime.

      2. The shelter’s website says:
        Strays or owner turn-ins will not be accepted when construction begins. Calls will be handled at the discretion of the Marshal Bureau.

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