Shelter Pet of the Day

Larry is a 2 year old boxer mix who “loves everyone and every dog he’s ever met.”

Saving GRACE
12721 West Watson Road
Sunset Hills, Missouri 63127
(314) 435-3128

(Submitted by Hayley)

Foster Pet of the Day

Senior male stray dog in need of help near Memphis, TN.  (photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith)

Senior male stray dog in need of help near Memphis, TN. (photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith)

Submitted by Jamie who writes:

This guy showed up at my house last Thursday night/Friday morning. With two dogs of my own, no fenced-in yard, AND having Tara Sue and her babies, I have nowhere to keep him. No owners came forward (he’s been shared on Facebook and listed as “Found” with the shelter, plus I’ve talked to just about everyone in my neighborhood about him).

He’s pretty emaciated and is not altered. He’ll need to put on some pounds before he can be neutered. He’s been wormed, but no other vetting.  I’m in North Mississippi.  Any inquiries can go to this email address –

Senior male stray dog in need of help near Memphis, TN.  (photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith)

Photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith

Foster Pet of the Day

Tiger is an adoptable cat in New York City.  (photo submitted by Anne Davis)

Tiger is an adoptable cat in New York City. (photo submitted by Anne Davis)

Submitted by Anne who writes:

I pulled a cat off the kill list at the NYCACC a week before xmas because a woman in VA said she wanted him. After he was delivered to me the potential adopter backed out. Now I have this cat in my tiny apt. with 3 other cats. He is so sweet, healthy, mushy lovebug, neutered 3 yr. old who loves other cats. I love him but due to space and finances can’t keep him. I just want to make sure Tiger ends up in a wonderful, cat loving home with another playful cat. Tiger is very playful and affectionate.

Tiger in NYC (photo submitted by Anne Davis)

Tiger in NYC (photo submitted by Anne Davis)

Anyone interested in learning more about Tiger should e-mail Anne.

Faithful Friend Needs a New Home

Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.

Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.

You may remember Ollie, whose Memphis owner is seeking a new home for her due to the owner’s terminal illness.  Claire, a friend of the owner, sent me an update on Ollie recently:

My friend, Ellen, is nearing the end of her ability to care for her beloved pet.  We still have not found a home for Ollie, but there are complications.  First of all, Ollie underwent heartworm treatment and when Ellen took her in for her 6-month post-treatment check, she tested positive for heartworms.  Secondly, in Ellen’s stressful situation, Ollie has become aggressive (I think “snappy” is probably accurate)  with other dogs, so she would need to be an only dog, we’re afraid.  She has had no problems with the humans that have been in and out of Ellen’s house caring for her.  She is part Husky, part Schnauzer and was rescued from MAS.

At first Ellen was hoping to keep her in Memphis, but now is willing to help with transport if the right family came along.

If you are interested in meeting Ollie or would like more information, please leave a comment here.

Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.

Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.

Loving Companion Will Need New Home

Ollie, at home in Memphis.

This special pet was submitted by Claire, who writes:

Ollie was rescued from Memphis Animal Shelter in October of 2010.  Her human, who loves Ollie with all her heart, has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and has been told by the doctors that she has approximately 3-6 months left to live.  She has found homes for her cats and her other dogs, but not yet for Ollie.  She is desperately hoping for the right home.

Ollie is about 3 years old.  She tested positive for heart worms last winter and has undergone the treatment.  Her last follow-up to make sure she is negative is due in 2 weeks.  Her shots are up to date. She is a Husky/Schnauzer mix with one blue eye and one brown eye.  Ollie is incredibly loyal-she has been by her human’s side through chemo and all the illness that means.  She sits right by her human all night long, because she knows that her beloved human is sick.  

Her dream is to find a home for Ollie before she dies, but to have Ollie stay with her until the end.  She would like someone to come and meet Ollie a couple of times, and to be prepared to pick her up when her human is gone. Ollie loves cats and other dogs, has lived with both, and does well.  She is the alpha dog and needs a good, loving, strong human to help her understand the rules.  She knows “sit”, “lay down” and “stay.”  She likes children, but can be very playful so no small children would be recommended. 

I will happily facilitate the adoption if anyone in the Memphis area thinks Ollie would be the perfect dog for them.  Ollie’s mom is my dear friend and I would love to be able to help her.

If you are interested in meeting Ollie or would like more information, please leave a comment here.

Foster Pet of the Day

Submitted by reader Terri who writes:

Miss Bea is a eight-ish year old border collie mix with a touch of chow (the tongue doesn’t lie).  She came to us after a national group did a rescue at a local hoarder.  Miss Bea was at their temporary shelter when she started to give birth and they asked us to put out a call for a foster home.  The ease with which Miss Bea raised her puppies leads us to believe this was not her first litter; thankfully it is her last, and we were pleased to be able to help her raise these puppies in luxury.

Despite an old injury from being hit by a car, Miss Bea was apparently a dominant force in the pack of dogs at the hoarder home.  However, she has settled in quite nicely at my house and gets along with all of the dogs we have exposed her to-dominant as well as submissive.  She is smart and just wily enough to make you smile.  Miss Bea is not trustworthy around cats or chickens, and in a small household she would probably be ornery to the other dogs when it came to food.  She is not food aggressive around me or my dogs but I am a strong pack leader.

Miss Bea comes fully vetted and is heartworm negative.  We would transport her for the right home (after arranging a home visit).

We would love to find a forever home for this sweet dog.  I think she could be happy in many different situations-as a companion for an older person or as a partner for someone who hikes. She will be an active dog for many years to come.  Don’t let that grey muzzle fool you-this girl ain’t no granny.

Please contact Terri at

The Homeward Bound Project of MS is a 501(c)(3) organization started and run by vet students at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Since 2007 we have coordinated the transport of Mississippi shelter pets to no-kill shelters in New York and New Hampshire.  All shelter pets are fully vaccinated, altered, heartworm tested negative (or treated) and have been in foster care.  Our transported pets do not displace local dogs; most are adopted within 2 weeks of arrival and the increased traffic often results in local shelter pets being adopted as well.

Free Kittens in Memphis – All Night Long!

NOTE – Added November 2016:  The post below is from 2012.  Please do not contact the number or the clinic mentioned in this post.  Apparently some people are still inquiring about kittens and it’s pissing people the hell off and they are sending me not nice messages which is making me type in red.  Stop the madness.  If you are in the Memphis area and looking for a kitten, there are many rescues and shelters that have cats of all ages available for adoption.  Here is a link to get you started:


Original Post:

Pet rescuer Villy from Meows and BowWows reports that there is something fun to do tonight in Memphis – adopt a kitten.  There are 4 litters at the Animal Emergency Center.  But wait, there’s more!

Two of the litters have kittens that are old enough to adopt separately. There is no adoption fee. All the litters have been tested negative for FIV/Feline leukemia and have been de-wormed. They will also be de-flea’d additionally if there are any residual fleas.

Anybody interested to see/ adopt/rescue the cats and kittens can do so starting tonight at 6pm and all night until 8 am.

The Animal Emergency Center is located on: 3767 Summer Ave., Memphis, TN

Their phone # is (901) 232-4563.

If you get one of the all night partay kittens (mama cats are available too), send us a picture!

Sample mama cat and kittens. Your actual kitten may vary, depending on how many people get there before you.

Foster Pet of the Day: Ruby in TN

Ruby has a 50% tail to wag and 100% love to give.

Ruby is being fostered in the Memphis area. Her foster mom Lori reports that sweet Ruby has been vet checked and is estimated to be 3 – 4 years old. Ruby was found wandering and at some point in her adventures, donated half her tail to Doggie Escapades Which Shall Remain Unknown. The thing that touched me about Ruby was that Lori said when she lets her dogs inside, Ruby goes right to her crate, as if she knows she’s not home. Please share Ruby so hopefully she can find a place where she knows she’s home.

Contact foster owner Lori at


Foster Pet of the Day

Submitted by reader Dot, who writes:

Julie has her own Facebook photo album with 71 photos. 

Being fostered in Yanceyville, NC.

2+ years old, Hound/mix 57 lbs
Julie loves people and dogs. laid back and calm. House, crate,leash trained, UTD on shots, spayed, HW+ but has been on “slow kill treatment for 6 months” and doing great. does well with basic commands. trained “Pet Safe Fence”, playful with dogs, no aggression.

My contact information is:

Dot Kirby

(Yanceyville, NC is 7 miles south of Danville, VA)

Julie's head is available for adoption.

Plays well with others.

Name This Foster Puppy

What's my name?

Submitted by reader Jamie who writes:

So I found this little one at the coal mine where I work just two weeks ago.  She was super skinny, super dirty, and would sit about 3 feet away from you at all times and wag her tail.  I tried to lure her close but the only food I had on me was a vegan Boca burger, and despite her happily eating it, I don’t think it was quite the ticket to catching her.  I didn’t see her for a couple days and I was worried about her since it had been so cold and she had no fat on her little body.  I was in the process of leaving one afternoon and saw her poking her head out from underneath some stairs.  I cornered her and very gently put an improvised lasso made of measuring tape around her neck and slipped her into my car.  

One bath and lots of good food later she is looking healthy, has gained about 10 pounds, and is feeling wonderful.  She has gone from a puppy who would trot away from me at every opportunity to a snuggle puppy who greets me with enthusiasm.  We are working on some training and she amazes me with how smart and eager she is to learn.  She is right at 6 months and weighs about 27 pounds so she will not be a big dog.  She adores the kitties and likes to lick them and paw at them to try to get them to play.  They don’t particularly care for that but they are fairly patient, nonetheless.  She is also very friendly towards other dogs.  

Her only issue is that she doesn’t have a name.  Nothing is really coming to mind.  She is technically up for adoption but if I hold on to her too much longer she may end up staying for life.

So what can we name this little miner?