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Senior male stray dog in need of help near Memphis, TN.  (photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith)
Senior male stray dog in need of help near Memphis, TN. (photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith)

Submitted by Jamie who writes:

This guy showed up at my house last Thursday night/Friday morning. With two dogs of my own, no fenced-in yard, AND having Tara Sue and her babies, I have nowhere to keep him. No owners came forward (he’s been shared on Facebook and listed as “Found” with the shelter, plus I’ve talked to just about everyone in my neighborhood about him).

He’s pretty emaciated and is not altered. He’ll need to put on some pounds before he can be neutered. He’s been wormed, but no other vetting.  I’m in North Mississippi.  Any inquiries can go to this email address –

Senior male stray dog in need of help near Memphis, TN.  (photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith)
Photo submitted by Jamie H. Smith

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  1. It would be good to try first finding an owner of a dog that age, reaching out with info beyond just your neighborhood, a he may have traveled further than that, and give it more than just a few days to find an owner. Not everyone is on facebook, or connected into your circle of FB contacts. I would also contact Vets within a pretty good radius to see if they either recognize him as a client as well as in case an owner calls them looking for the dog. Flyers on bullitons boards at area businesses may also help. Also, Vets will scan him free to check for a microchip, something that should always be done with a found dog, even if it looks neglected..there’s no way of knowing how long its been lost. Think about, what if that were my old dog, that had become lost?

    1. Thanks, Jenell, but the problem is finding a place to keep him while looking for his owners. He was obviously someone’s pet, considering that he has a docked tail and a collar. However, he is in pretty bad shape – HW+, URI, Broken Teeth and Ehrlichiosis – so being locked in a crate 24/7 at my house is not a good place for him to wait while looking for owners. I have had him scanned. No luck. But for the good news, see below.

  2. UPDATE: This boy is going to a WONDERFUL rescue! Now, I just need help with transport to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If anyone in the Memphis area is headed that way soon and would like to give him a ride, please let me know!

    1. Nice job! He looks like a sweet dog – and I’m glad that he’ll have a chance to live out his life in other than a killing facility. Hope you can find transport very soon, as it sounds as if he needs some serious TLC.

  3. GREAT NEWS! I will share with my contacts your way – I’m in Middle Tennessee. I don’t have many in Louisiana. He looks like a Shar Pei mix. He’s really quite distinguished looking! HUGS all around.

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