Slumblog Millionaire

This blog has always been and always will be free for anyone to read.  I do not accept advertising although WordPress does post ads in exchange for the free service.  There are however some expenses associated with the blog.  WordPress charges for such things as the ability to post video and file storage beyond the allotted amount that comes with the free service.  And on occasion I have to pay for FOIA requests.

In the past, I’ve created Chip Ins specifically for these expenses and I’ve paid some of them myself.  Today I wanted to try something different.  As such, you will now see a link on the sidebar that says Kick In for Blog Expenses.  It takes you to a page with the mailing address to donate any amount you wish to contribute.  My idea is this:  by keeping the page up year round, I can hopefully collect small amounts here and there to keep in an account which I can draw from when needed to pay blog-related bills.

I want to reiterate that the blog remains free to all.  You are not being asked to pay a subscription fee or anything at all.  But if you are financially able to kick in any amount and you feel inclined to do so, the information is there.

If I wind up short on the expenses, I will make up the difference myself.  If I have extra, I will hold on to it for future expenses (maybe even pay WordPress the ransom to kill the ads they put on here).  If someone kicks in $50 grand or their inheritance or something like that, I’ll quit my job and take up blogging full time!  In other words, I will use any donated dollars and cents responsibly.

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