Loving Companion Will Need New Home

Ollie, at home in Memphis.

This special pet was submitted by Claire, who writes:

Ollie was rescued from Memphis Animal Shelter in October of 2010.  Her human, who loves Ollie with all her heart, has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and has been told by the doctors that she has approximately 3-6 months left to live.  She has found homes for her cats and her other dogs, but not yet for Ollie.  She is desperately hoping for the right home.

Ollie is about 3 years old.  She tested positive for heart worms last winter and has undergone the treatment.  Her last follow-up to make sure she is negative is due in 2 weeks.  Her shots are up to date. She is a Husky/Schnauzer mix with one blue eye and one brown eye.  Ollie is incredibly loyal-she has been by her human’s side through chemo and all the illness that means.  She sits right by her human all night long, because she knows that her beloved human is sick.  

Her dream is to find a home for Ollie before she dies, but to have Ollie stay with her until the end.  She would like someone to come and meet Ollie a couple of times, and to be prepared to pick her up when her human is gone. Ollie loves cats and other dogs, has lived with both, and does well.  She is the alpha dog and needs a good, loving, strong human to help her understand the rules.  She knows “sit”, “lay down” and “stay.”  She likes children, but can be very playful so no small children would be recommended. 

I will happily facilitate the adoption if anyone in the Memphis area thinks Ollie would be the perfect dog for them.  Ollie’s mom is my dear friend and I would love to be able to help her.

If you are interested in meeting Ollie or would like more information, please leave a comment here.

24 thoughts on “Loving Companion Will Need New Home

  1. Thank you so much. I hope increasing my audience from just my Facebook friends will help Ollie find her new home.

  2. I would love to have Olli, The problem is i live in
    Uniontown, Pa I would have no way of getting puppa.
    i have been looking form a play mate for my
    baby love, Shelby#2 is his name.Spolied rotten
    he is two. And also loves everything and everyone.
    I have two girls (Kitty) Suz and KKK Short Katrina
    if something can be worked out plese let me know.

  3. What a wonderful thing this woman is ding for her loyal pet. I would hope that someone like you would do this for me and my Casey. She, too is the same with me. Right by my side no matter what. I am disabled and she knows when I am not feeling well. She gets on the bed and lays her head between my knees, as that’s the only way I can lie and not be in immense pain. She has these beautiful eyes that change when I’m ill and when I’m feeling good. I would just adore to have this dog but it would not be a good fit with my Casey. They would be 2 alphas and you know how that would go. I will keep this woman and you and her wonderful Ollie in my prayers and God’s help, you will find the perfect person for Ollie. He is so pretty and looks so faithful. He’s lying there as if he is watching for anyone to bother his owner. He would make anyone a wonderful addition to their family. God bless YOU for doing this for your friend. She is a very lucky woman in that respect. I know how the chemo and sickness goes. My mother went through it for 18 months and I was by her side every minute of it. Dogs are such a comfort in times like these. Especially ones like Ollie and Casey. I thank God every day for my sweetheart and my husband, who she feels almost the same about. You can tell I am her true human though.. even though she loves her daddy! Anyway, I have a friend or two in that area and I will share this story with them. They are good people but not for Ollie. But they may know someone that is. Good luck on your quest. I know God will be by your side as you search for the perfect person for Ollie and I will keep your friend in my prayers as well .. I hate this for her. But hopefully she is not in an extreme amount of pain and she finds her perfect person for her Ollie before her time is out. This I will pray for as well.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. You are a very special person yourself. God be with you..


  4. What an awful situation. I can’t imagine what this woman is going through, but seemingly the sooner she finds a home for Ollie the better she will feel. If there is anything we can do to help donate money for transport to an out of state home or whatever please let us know.

  5. What a beautiful dog.. and from the description it shouldn’t be too hard to find a perfect home. I’m so sorry they will one day be separated for a while, but I truly believe these two will be back together along with the other furbabies that have already been placed.
    Claire.. Please send my hugs, love and prayers to your friend.

  6. What a stunning creature. As much as I’m sure finding a new home for him breaks her heart, I can tell you from experience that it will help her heart at the same time. After dad passed away, mom was so worried about what would happen to their cats; they would outlive her. Once we came up with a plan, she was able to relax more and focus on her own health. I was pleased to read that Ollie can stay with her and that a home will simply be arranged in advance. His presence is good for her and will help her to cope in the coming months. There is nothing quite like having your own therapy dog to be a therapy dog. In our case it was the cats but same, same. We kept them with mom until the very end and then we relocated them after mom had to depart.

    Claire, please give my regards to your friend. At the risk of sounding flippant, be thankful for The Long Farewell. As awful as the situation is, there is time for words and love and support and a lot of people don’t get that.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful dog! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a husky/schnauzer mix before.

    Secondly, I’m very sorry to hear about what this woman is going through and how her life will have to change, but its definitely good that she is trying to give her dogs and cats a good home ahead of time. That way she will be able to say goodbye and focus on her health, in enough time.

    Thirdly, Ollie is beautiful and seems like a very loyal dog, so adopting him out shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Good luck to both of them! 

  8. What a dear sweet story, I hope someone very loving will give ollie a home when her owner passes, so want the owner to be at peace that all her pets are safe, and she’s done that for the most part,but wants Olie by her side, and that is so very special, so I hope someone special in Memphis fits the bill…..

  9. A friend of mentioned a place in CA called Gentle Barn…she said they take in a lot of dogs…I don’t know anything about it but thought I’d pass along the info just in case…good luck and best wishes finding her a great home…sounds like she deserves it :)

  10. I have a husky/schnauzer/poodle mix rescued from a shelter and if Ollie is even HALF the dog he is (and she sounds like she could live up to my Bello) she will make who ever is willing to take her an amazing dog. If I was in the position to take her I would in a heartbeat.

  11. No luck so far, but I have assured Ollie’s mom that if the right home is not found when it becomes necessary, I will take Ollie and foster her until we find the right home. I don’t want her to worry any more. I’m seeing my friend today. I’ll tell her the forces are out there working for her.

  12. Ollie could, in a last ditch effort, come here, if his Mom would approve and be comfy with that. Please tell her that our prayers are with her. We are already providing services like this for other people with terminal illnesses.

  13. would love this dog but live in the uk.i adore animals.please make sure this beauty gets a kind caring home.so many dogs go to people who put on an act of being nice and kind and then go on to abuse that animal after they get it.my thoughts are with your friend. blessings to ollie and god forbid he gets the love and kindness he will need when his mum passes away. bless you all. xxx

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