Updated: LA Shelter Employee WANTS to Kill Animals

The city of Crowley, LA operates an animal shelter separate from the parish facility.  Police are currently investigating the city shelter and have reportedly charged an employee with animal cruelty.  The staff member is accused of killing hundreds of dogs “over an extended period of time.”

Details are few at this point but beheaded dog carcasses with microchips from the Crowley pound have reportedly been found in multiple locations.  It sounds from the report like the employee may have gotten wind of the investigation and figured the jig was up so he allegedly broke into the pound Wednesday night in order to kill 4 more dogs.  One last hurrah, I guess.

The shelter is open today in an effort to adopt out the remaining animals although it’s unclear how long the shelter will be shut down while police investigate.

I will update this post if additional information becomes available today.

(Thank you Arlene for sending me this link.)

Update:  Police have identified the shelter employee (now fired) as 50 year old Michael Edwards.  He has been charged in connection with the discovery of the remains of 10 – 20 dogs who were “disposed of improperly and cruelly”:

Edwards was arrested Thursday evening and charged with 5 counts of Obstruction of Justice, 3 counts of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and 1 count of Malfeasance in Office.

21 thoughts on “Updated: LA Shelter Employee WANTS to Kill Animals

  1. Someone needs to post the name, address, and photo of this killer on the internet, so that he/she might NEVER be able to be NEAR an animal, again.

    1. Police haven’t yet named the suspect but have said it’s not the director. I guess my questions would be: How did the director and any other co-workers not know this was going on? Was there an elaborate scam going on like at the Boggs Mtn facility in GA?

    2. Unfortunately that would only end in more unhinged people making death threats and possibly hurting that person, which would only hurt the no-kill cause in the end. Since the police are investigating we have to at this point hope they do their job.

      1. yeah right!.. like at MAS.. the police are supposed to be monitoring the web cams. they don’t see anything wrong there.

    3. ” This man simply disposed of dead animals improperly and nothing more!! He was found innocent by a grand jury and because of all the false claims by others,the case was dissmissed. He is innocent however due to investigators clarifying his innocence . Although several supposed key witnesses gave different stories about Mike Edwards , all the tales were FALSE and dreamt up!! Due to gossipy wifes tales ,the public were given monster stories to hear by the news press and lies. ” this man was proven Not guilty !!

  2. Clearly a danger to everyone around him and needs to be locked up immediately.

    I hope they find out how this was permitted to happen and why.

  3. I’ll say it again – kill shelters are bad for people. They both attract monsters and make them. And because killing is the norm, revelation about what’s happening is slow to surface.

    Shelter reform is desperately needed – not just for animals, but for human beings, too.

  4. Good GOD what’s the matter with people!! If they aren’t killing each other they’re killing animals.. poor helpless defenseless animals!! Someone needs to get this guy and hand him by this toes .. get a rusty razor blade and S L O W L Y castrate him.. pour alcohol on him while he dangles there until he passes out!! it won’t kill him, but it sure will make him think twice about doing this again! IDIOTS! Stupid IDIOTS ! They make me so mad I could go take a baseball bat and show them how it feels to be an animal anywhere around HIM!


  6. Do not let this persons name out,,, there will pet killing facilites begging him to work for them.

  7. Um…wow. This is pretty sick and disturbing. I hope they throw the book at him.

    I agree about badly needing shelter reform, otherwise this kind of crap will continue to happen.

  8. I can’t believe the unimaginable amount of cruel people! They shouldn’t be allowed in society. Don’t people close to them recognize signs that all is not as it should be? Unbelieveable!

  9. I am sure this man has done this previously. Someone needs to investigate his background and where he worked and lived at before. He killed dogs that were being held as evidence for a dog fighting ring. I hope he was not part of the ring and giving some of these dogs to the dog fighters. This is why it is important for shelters not to have lost or misplaced animals-they had to go somewhere.

  10. Remember the blog that Nathan Winograd did about Ingrid Newkirk having Munschausen syndrome…sp? I think animal control workers (and many in authority-type positions over-seeing AC) have it too. And these disturbed ones have police powers.

  11. It’s past time for those on the taxpayer dime to be held accountable. The Shelter Director should be investigated and dealt with severely. Those responsible for record keeping should be either fired or put into another taxpayer dole job where they have NO responsibility other than showing up for work. Those elected officials in this Dysfuctional town need to be replaced with those willing to do their job.
    And the citizens who are paying the freight and who have lost their beloved family members should not only be demanding a top down overhaul to their govt, but I hope the pet owners sue the town into oblivion.
    Where is LA State Attorney- Jindal?? They can hide behind Issac for now but this kind of stink goes all the way to the top- remember the police who were shooting pets left at a shelter during Katrina- a slap on the wrist.
    Louisiana- are you listening to what you produce??

  12. Makes me wonder about the true intensions of employees in animal shelters around the world. Are they really in that line of business for the love of animals…or is it quite the opposite? Security cameras, background checks, etc…are needed everywhere nowadays. Can’t trust a soul!

  13. this man was falsley accused of crimes!!he simply disposed of a few dogs in-apropriatily and then the monster stories came after him!!he was found Innocent by a grand jury because of No evidence!**FACT-!so there was No Break-in, no be-heading and no mutilation!!just a bunch of lying about him to make him look like a killer!!Evidence speaks louder than Gossip and Blame!!

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