Faithful Friend Needs a New Home

Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.
Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.

You may remember Ollie, whose Memphis owner is seeking a new home for her due to the owner’s terminal illness.  Claire, a friend of the owner, sent me an update on Ollie recently:

My friend, Ellen, is nearing the end of her ability to care for her beloved pet.  We still have not found a home for Ollie, but there are complications.  First of all, Ollie underwent heartworm treatment and when Ellen took her in for her 6-month post-treatment check, she tested positive for heartworms.  Secondly, in Ellen’s stressful situation, Ollie has become aggressive (I think “snappy” is probably accurate)  with other dogs, so she would need to be an only dog, we’re afraid.  She has had no problems with the humans that have been in and out of Ellen’s house caring for her.  She is part Husky, part Schnauzer and was rescued from MAS.

At first Ellen was hoping to keep her in Memphis, but now is willing to help with transport if the right family came along.

If you are interested in meeting Ollie or would like more information, please leave a comment here.

Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.
Photo of Ollie submitted by reader Claire.

21 thoughts on “Faithful Friend Needs a New Home

  1. it is doubtful Ollie would be snappy with dogs aready established in a home. She is being snapish because she feels stressed out due to her owner’s impending depature. It is fairly typical terrier behavior when stressed. My two terriers engage in it every bedtime just because the cats are being locked out of the room and it changes the pecking order for the night (the cats rule during the day lol). They sound like they are killing one another for a minute, till I say, “Cut it out!” and then they stop. Of course that only works if you mean it and it only took the first time for them to learn I mean it. They have never hurt one another; it is all bark and no bite.

    1. I too have a terrier mix who gets snappy when she’s stressed. It’s like a relief valve for her emotions.

      I do hope that Ollie finds someone soon.

  2. Last time I saw her I wanted her. This time I see her. And my heart still aches that I can’t take her, even despite her snappiness. I have a husky schnauzer mix (with some probably poodle) and he is a total ham. He’s currently wiping his beard on the bed to clean it since he just ate. Seriously, and I said it last time, if Ollie is even half as awesome as my Bello then she will make some one a great dog.

  3. I have no fence that could keep Ollie out, but I would be more than willing to assist in taking care of the dog until an owner can be found. I could walk, feed and bathe the dog, as well as help take care of the owner. You can email me at

    I think this is all bull, you can post ur phone number and
    never get a reply, This kitty, this dog needs a home !!
    HELLO, after 10 times …”UNSUBSCRIBE”

    1. Donna,

      I assure you none of this is bull. Although I have never met Claire in person, I have no reason to believe she is not a real person who is truly trying to help her friend find a home for Ollie. I believed her when she said in August that the preference was to rehome Ollie in the Memphis area and I believe her now when she says things have changed and the owner is willing to consider rehoming her in another state. I’m sorry if you did not receive the phone call you were hoping for back in August but since you are not in the Memphis area, I would assume that is the reason why. A human being is reportedly dying here Donna, and her best doggy friend is suffering under the stress so please be sensitive to the delicate nature of the subject matter.

      1. Donna-we did speak on the phone. I remember the phone call clearly-I was at work and excused myself from a meeting, which is why I remember the call. I believe I explained at the time that Ellen was looking to place Ollie in Memphis and you mentioned that you were in Pennsylvania. And Shirley is right-now things have changed. Ellen is desperate. Thank you for your interest in Ollie.

  5. I need Claire and Ellen………..and this post is the absolute truth. Claire is trying to help Ellen – who is terminally ill find a home for her pet. We all know each other from being ex-volunteers at the animal shelter. Ellen is such a compassionate person and just wants to find a loving home for her Ollie. Claire is her friend and also a loving person who wants to help Ollie find a new home. Claire is using every avenue she can think to get the word out. So how dare you say this is BS………….

    1. Debbie, AMEN. I do not know Claire or Ellen, but since I am unemployed, I can assist in the care for the dog and ease the owner’s pain. I would bring her here, but I rent and there is no gate to the fence to keep her in. I am distressed that a person would write such a diatribe about someone who is terminally ill, trying to find a home for their beloved child …. their pet. How utterly rude and insensitive of her.

  6. I am not able to offer this pet a home, but if a suitable new home is found at a distance, and the cost of transport is an issue, please let us know. I would be happy to make a contribution toward that effort. Or the cost of health certificate for travel, licensing in new location, repairing a gate, or any other modest initial expense that might be in the way of making it possible for someone who deserves Ollie to be to take her in and otherwise care for her.

    FWIW, I don’t consider commenter Donna Lake an appropriate owner for this pet. Perhaps not any…

      1. Thanks so much. I have left a message for Ellen regarding all the offers.

  7. Is there any word of how Ellen is doing? I believe everyone here also cares for her well-being just as much as Ollie’s and I hope she understands that & that Ollie will be cared for, even if I have to come up there & do it myself. …just kidding, I can’t come anywhere & do anything myself with all the zoo that’s got me spoken for. But surely such a beautiful doggie as Ollie will find a good home. Don’t make me come up there…

  8. The good Ollie news is that she is going to rescue with Southern Jewel Rescue, if our latest information is accurate. I have emailed the wonderful woman there to confirm. Thank you all for your concern.

    1. Excellent. Once that is confirmed, can you please post a link for those who wish to donate towards Ollie’s care?

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