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What We Owe Dogs: Part 1 and Part 2 – Nathan Winograd discusses the no kill movement’s commitment to every individual dog, regardless of the pet’s location.

The Healdsburg Animal Shelter in CA killed an owner surrendered dog a rescue was willing to take.  The director stated the rescue portion of the Hayden Act only applied to stray dogs, not owner surrenders.  I am not a lawyer but I believe the director is incorrect in her interpretation of the law and certainly she is ethically wrong in killing a dog a rescue group was willing to save.

A pet owner in Queens affected by Hurricane Sandy was alerted by a rescue group that her lost dog was on the NYC ACC kill list. She was able to reclaim him before pound workers took him to the kill room.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

A Polk Co ACO in FL has been charged with robbery after allegedly stealing a Chihuahua she had given to an 82 year old retired nun just 3 days prior.  The ACO resigned after her arrest.

Some asshat in Brazil attempted to smuggle in contraband to a prison by strapping the items to a free roaming cat.

China responded to a U.S. Congressman’s letter about the chicken jerky treats being investigated by the FDA.  Basically China says, “Don’t be mad now, stop, hatin’ is bad” but without the nifty dance moves.

Someone in Britain is attempting to crowd-fund a cat cafe, which would be a first for the country.

SeaWorld filed for an IPO in an effort to raise $100 million.

Authorities are investigating photos of someone apparently riding a dying whale that was languishing near the shore at a FL beach.

The first river otter spotted in San Francisco in 50 years has ignited a spark of hope with conservationists.

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  1. Hi Shirley,
    Regarding the “Healdsburg Situation”, anyone that would like to get better understanding of Hayden’s Law, please read the original article written about the killing of Posey. It explains the law very clearly. Not Healdsburg Board of Director’s warped and illegal perception of the Hayden Law. What Healdsburg Animal Shelter did was not only against the Law, but as a No Kill Shelter, was totally against all No Kill principles that this Shelter agreed too. Especially since this Posey’s issues were improving. Also this Shelter was letting a volunteer walk her. Does that sound like a “dangerous” dog to you?

    Again thank you Jen DeHaan for doing a wonderful job writing this article and the Rescue Group, All Aboard Animal Search and Rescue for stepping up and saying enough!

    Here it is the article:

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