Foster Pet of the Day: Ruby in TN

Ruby has a 50% tail to wag and 100% love to give.

Ruby is being fostered in the Memphis area. Her foster mom Lori reports that sweet Ruby has been vet checked and is estimated to be 3 – 4 years old. Ruby was found wandering and at some point in her adventures, donated half her tail to Doggie Escapades Which Shall Remain Unknown. The thing that touched me about Ruby was that Lori said when she lets her dogs inside, Ruby goes right to her crate, as if she knows she’s not home. Please share Ruby so hopefully she can find a place where she knows she’s home.

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5 thoughts on “Foster Pet of the Day: Ruby in TN

  1. I have a foster that has been here since May. When I got her she was so weak from starvation and very timid. She wanted to be in her crate. I believe she was already crate trained. She just loves her crate.. like it’s a safe place or a nest. I don’t shut the door.. she comes and goes as she pleases. Ruby could have been a crate trained hunting dog. How long have you had her? It took Julie a couple of months to start acting like she belonged in the pack. She fits in perfectly but loves the crate. I have three crates available for anyone who wants to use them. I’ll share on Face Book.

  2. I’ve met Ruby; she is such a sweetheart! She is small, very mellow, and quiet. I look into her eyes and just know she wants a forever home with someone to love and appreciate her. She has lots of love, sweetness, and joy to share if someone will give her the chance.

  3. I am not sure how long I have had her. I think the lady that picked her up off the road got her last october. she brought her to me not too long after she had her vet checked. I normally build a rapport with a dog with in a day so after months and kind of seeing that she has no expectation of being loved. She just wants to fly under the radar and not loose her home. I guess being from a military town you always could tell the military kids always anxious and anticipating their next uprooting. That is what Ruby Anne reminds me of. With 25 fosters I try to make time to love on them all but many days one crisis or another will take up my time. A puppy gets stuck behind the fridge or one gets sick and suddenly my time flys away. The babies are always real needy and will squeal if they dont get their loving. and with Ruby Anne going back to her kennel it is easy for her to get lost in the shuffle.

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