Foster Pet of the Day

Submitted by reader Dot, who writes:

Julie has her own Facebook photo album with 71 photos. 

Being fostered in Yanceyville, NC.

2+ years old, Hound/mix 57 lbs
Julie loves people and dogs. laid back and calm. House, crate,leash trained, UTD on shots, spayed, HW+ but has been on “slow kill treatment for 6 months” and doing great. does well with basic commands. trained “Pet Safe Fence”, playful with dogs, no aggression.

My contact information is:

Dot Kirby

(Yanceyville, NC is 7 miles south of Danville, VA)

Julie's head is available for adoption.
Plays well with others.

3 thoughts on “Foster Pet of the Day

  1. Can Julie’s body be adopted along with her head? Please?!

    When I went to volunteer at the cat spay/neuter clinic on Thursday, the live-in basset hound greeted me still wearing his jammies. (He was as shocked as me to see me there at 10 a.m.—the vet and the rest of the crew started working at 9 a.m. but I have too many morning chores to make it to the other side of town that early!) Anyway, Bjorn the basset looked a little bit like Julie under the covers, except that his tail stuck out the other side of his blankey and was wagging in greeting.

    Bjorn doesn’t like tall dogs, which is why he gets to be the clinic dog on cat SNYP days…(otherwise he and the rest of his pack hang out in the clubhouse until the coast is clear in the clinic.)

      1. LOL… I would love to see some photos. also..

        LynnO… I have some photos of Julie with just the tip of her nose sticking out. Starting the first day, she has loved being covered up at nap/night time. She was in such bad shape when she arrived. I also wanted to mention that Julie’s hair doesn’t feel like hair when you stroke her. She feels like your touching a silk blouse.

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