HSUS Magazine Helps Keep Pet Killing Facilities in Fighting Form

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not affiliated with your local animal shelter. HSUS is primarily a fundraising organization and you have probably seen some of their commercials on TV.

HSUS produces a print magazine for shelters called Shelter Pages (which they are preparing to publish online) which they describe as “your ultimate guide to the equipment, supplies and services you need”.  This is the cover of the current issue (click to enlarge):

When you look at the sweet cat face on the cover, you are probably so excited to look inside to find what equipment and supplies you can buy for her (well, for kitties like her at your shelter).  Here’s one!

Trust is everything.  As a shelter, the public trusts you to protect this kitty from harm, to take good care of her and to find her a good home.  The public trusts you not to inject her with Fatal Plus.  And of course the cat trusts you too – with her life.

But if you are a kill shelter which needlessly kills healthy/treatable pets like the kitty pictured here, you’re going to need more than Fatal Plus – especially if you are a high volume pet slaughter facility.  The HSUS magazine has your back:

When you enlarge the page above, you’ll see that HSUS has placed an ad for its own program called “Pets for Life” next to an ad for a pet incinerator.  The juxtaposition might seem odd to some but obviously HSUS was fine with it.  And it does fit right in with their say-one-thing-while-doing-another approach to pet sheltering.

The below incinerator ad touts a claim that it’s a “great revenue builder”. I was curious how much revenue HSUS generated by selling ads for pet killing supplies in this magazine. A reader’s request to HSUS for advertising rates went unanswered. But I assume they don’t give away ad space for free.

Out the doggie door and into the incinerator.

Does anyone know how much money HSUS makes off these ads for pet killing supplies and how they spend that dough?  We know it’s not on animal sheltering of course but I do wonder how this money gets disbursed.

(Thank you to an anonymous reader for scanning these pages for me.)

47 thoughts on “HSUS Magazine Helps Keep Pet Killing Facilities in Fighting Form

  1. While that is an oxymoron (at best), to me it’s just poor taste. Yet, the whole thing aligns with what I know of the HSUS. One would have to assume that the funds raised with any advertising space in their magazine goes to the same crap as all the other monies they receive – salaries, pensions, vacation homes – you know “the usual” expenses for them. But I am sure some of it must find it’s way to “other” groups and programs.

    I have looked at their tax forms before (990’s) and while they do have their “income” listed on it, I don’t think I’ve noticed if it’s broken down into WHERE all of it comes from – although I will go back and look at them again now. It would be nice if it was broken down, but I HIGHLY doubt they DO break it down! (It would be too easy for some of us to see where all of their money does come from that way!)

    But for a group that has NO problem exploiting cats & dogs for donations – I know they also have no problem accepting money from the devil (hey, money is money and it all spends the same) – so seeing something like killing supplies shouldn’t surprise me. And, frankly it DOESN’T surprise me. What does surprise me is all the HSUS supporters who actually READ this magazine and still have the balls to say that HSUS is “for the animals” and how much “wonderful work they do for animals”. Yet, I guarantee if you flipped through the magazine there is NO mention of the No Kill Movement, or ways to STOP killing animals. Nope. Won’t find that in there because IF HSUS supported the No Kill Movement then, eventually, they’d lose money because the shelters would be fairly empty and they’d have no more dogs & cats to exploit for their next round of donations. Then they’d have to come clean about how they are really here for another issue entirely.

    Yep – not gonna happen. (Shirley – since you are on FB now have YOU had a chance to jump on HSUS’ FB page? Just wondering how long you would last before they’d block you? LOL It took me less than 2 hours after posting one time and they blocked me for life! Darn!)

  2. A very very sick SNL skit.
    Really makes one wonder just how much revenue they really do generate from incarceration and killing supplies. Put another way, just how much do they have to lose financially from the nation becoming No-Kill?

  3. This is just sick! It makes me just so angry that its okay to and legal to get away with this in such a deceitfull way. And this is the Humane Society? Wrong , in so many ways. These people need to be shown for what they are. Killers of innocents.

  4. I’ve long been aware that ‘welfare’ organizations such as HSUS, ASPCA etc were merely formed to provide the illusion that society in general is concerned about the plight of animals. Nobody with their eyes open donates to these organizations. But, rather directly to a local no kill shelter. But, it’s still a shock to see an animal welfare group so blatantly hand in hand with those who kill the animals.

  5. This is NOT the ‘humane society’ Lori, they got control of the HSUS and use the name. They are hard-core animal liberationists.

    I suspect the revenue generated would be from a) private cremations by pet owners through their vets and b) cremations/kills for animal shelters that are paid by the kill.

    Great post, YB, nice to see you are still in fine form!

    1. HSUS is anything but hard -core animal liberationists. They are the worst for animals. They love nothing more than killing anything for publicity.

    2. HSUS are not “hard-core animal liberationists.” They’re nowhere near it, as you can see, the whole problem being discussed here is HSUS’s stance on pro-killing. That’s the exact opposite of animal liberation.

      1. Unless one is talking about the folks of the same ilk as the PeTA idiots. Who seem to think all livestock, raised for FOOD, should have a right to life… yet not the thousands of companion animals they, themselves, kill each and every year.

        PeTA– and most of the general US population– would classify themselves as “liberationists.” Personally, as an No Kill advocate, I stay about as far away from that title as one can possible get.

  6. Now me, I don’t have a problem with the ads. Thing is, the magazine/marketplace looks to be industry-specific, and even a no-kill shelter will have a need for euthanasia agents; there will always be some pets beyond treatment. They might also reasonably look into an incinerator, especially if there are no nearby contractors to provide the service. What would you rather – that they send dead pets and surgical waste to the dump? As for the incinerator being a revenue-generator, why not? My vet contracts out to a very large clinic with one. My old vet contracted out to a full-service pet cemetery. Someone has to do it, and I don’t have a problem with them being paid for it.

    What I *do* have a problem with, potentially, is the magazine being used to push the HSUS’s point of view on shelter issues, and I don’t consider them an ethical organization. No – take that back – I consider them outright unethical, given their representative’s *explicit* support of Gov. Brown’s proposal to gut California’s Hayden’s Law, the model for CAPA laws. And now I’d best stop, before I let loose with language that would turn this blog blue.

    1. The problem for me is the total hypocrisy. This is the organization that dupes compassionate people out of millions with TV commercials showing shelter puppies & kittens when in fact they give less than 1% of their money to shelters. To produce this magazine and get more money from these ads for pet killing supplies is outrageous. They are so phony they see nothing wrong with putting their own “Pets for Life” ad next to an incinerator ad.

      Now if they were a group with a demonstrated track record of saving pets lives, supporting no kill, helping shelters to save more pets and being honest with donors – your argument would probably hold more weight with me. But everything HSUS touches just turns black and shrivels up. They are the kiss of death in shiny red lipstick.

      1. I just did some searches, and this was the only magazine for the industry that popped up (as per my comment below, too). So it looks like what we may have is a situation in which the HSUS, which is known to be hostile to shelter reform and to No-Kill in particular, is in control of the one professional magazine for the field.


        I think that’s *much* worse than running ads for products we don’t much care to think about, and an ironic proofreading failure.

    2. I’m with Eucritta in that the ads don’t bother me (but then i assist in running a pet cemetery so talking about revenue in regards to offering cremation services doesn’t bug me).
      I believe Shelter Pages is a supply magazine, which is different from HSUS’ ‘Animal Sheltering’ magazine which is pretty much propaganda

      1. You’re right – I took a closer look, and ‘Shelter Pages’ is akin to the yellow pages – under the aegis of ‘Animal Sheltering’ but not the magazine itself. I assume it also runs on that model, that is, companies pay to be listed, and may also pay to run larger advertisements.

    3. I have a HUGE problem with the ads. HSUS totally tied into the killing machine that is our shelter biz and the shelters thinking that if HSUS is in this it must be good and even going so far as telling the misinformed public how it is a good thing. “See HSUS is involved. Since they have never ran a shelter they have no idea which ideas or articles are good ones or just downright stupid

  7. Caveat, please take your head out of your backside. How naive can one really be? Maybe you’re not naive at all and just another spokesperson for these merchants of death.

    I suppose the gas chambers the Nazi’s used were just there to help the too old and too sick Jews pass onto the next life. It was some form of compassionate euthanasia right???

  8. HSUS,ASPCA,PETA,and even Best Friends are orgs never to give one red cent to. HSUS will swoop down when they think they are going to get publicity and disappear if not. Best Friends following on the heels of HSUS and ASPCA have set up offices in NY to raise money. Need I say anymore. PETA kills more dogs in its VA shelter than most high kill shelters. They even killed the only chicken they had there. Those records are available from the state of VA since the fatal plus must have a paper trail. Since none of the big ones can be trusted at all it is always best to give to your local shelter or volunteer at the shelter or even better do both.

    1. I can’t agree with the Best Friends attack…Best Friends gave a grant to my local shelter to keep a dog trainer on staff, which helps train and socialize pit bulls that other MD agencies won’t touch (meaning the dogs that would be put down without someone like this)

      1. Best Friends has been right in there with HSUS and ASPCA fighting shelter reform laws in NY. The evil three don’t want the shelters to have to give access to rescues even going so far as calling rescues ‘hoarders” Read Nathan Winograd on the subject. He can give you point by point what has happened to Best Friends. Yes they will have to do something good from time to time but they have gone down hill since getting tied up with HSUS and ASPCA.I have no respect for them now. They have abandoned no kill philosophy and gladly embraced ASPCA PETA and HSUS. You can’t roll in the dirt with dirty groups without getting some of it on you.

  9. This makes me sick. With all the money HSUS rakes in, they couldn’t care less about saving animals. They need exposed for what they are.

  10. It’s rather ridiculous that HSUS produces a sheltering magazine at all, considering the fact that it doesn’t have any sheltering experience of its own.

    1. This is what I think. It’s not the ads – it’s the magazine, and the likelihood they will have a heavy editorial bias against shelter reform & No-Kill in particular.

      Are there any other magazines for animal sheltering, as an industry? I’ve never seen one, and when I did a few quick searches they only turned up this one.

  11. The cat does not look to be alive to me; appears to be alive do to taxidermy. The way the eyes looks to be marbles, and as how they reflect.

  12. As Wayne Pacelle might say, “HSUS doesn’t run shelters, HSUS provides resources to help shelters run better.”

    Since 2002, HSUS has been “providing” (for $19.95) The Humane Society of the United States Euthanasia Training Manual. Buy it at Amazon or Humane Society Press.

    Since 2003, Animal Care Technologies (a for-profit company) “in direct collaboration” with HSUS, has provided (for $399.00) the Humane Animal Euthanasia DVD Set (6 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM).

    “Humane Society University” for many years offered (for $200+) euthanasia training classes and workshops all over the country.
    (HSUS also sold “Compassion Fatigue” courses to help shelter personnel cope with killing.) The euthanasia class registration materials noted that only animals already scheduled to be killed would be used during the training.

  13. Not sure why there is some hostility against ‘Caveat’s’ comments. The groups that are for ‘animal liberation’ often do NOT want people to own pets, from what I have read, so she is correct. It is the ones making the hostile comments who are naive as to what ‘animal liberation’ means to such groups.

    So – some people owe her an apology, and I wish they had been a little less hostile with their comments. After all, Caveat COULD HAVE BEEN simply an uninformed person needing more info, but actually, it was the ones making the hostile comments that were uninformed and in need of more info. Hmmmmm…..

      1. Truth. “Liberation” for most of the animals they “rescue” equals death through starvation when they dump them into the woods to “be free” or escape fromc ages they open, right into the highway to be hit and die as they drag themselves away. Liberationists are no better than PETA, killing 98% of the animals they touch.

  14. Just don’t bitch about these crazy animal killers, talk to your senators and congress people. This is the only way we are going to get rid of these vermin. They have their $$$ in so many of our elected officials pockets, but they will listen to their constituients because our vote does count when it comes to them staying in the cushie jobs they love so well. Seriously, this is the only way to rid ourselves of these theives and killers. Pass the word and scream loudly, they will hear……………………

  15. So you’re saying that pet shelters don’t need to buy euthanasia supplies and cremation equipment because it “kills animals”? Guess what, we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes shelters need to put down animals that are in pain or are dying. Cremation services are a revenue builder and a great service for those who want to memorialize their pets AFTER they’ve passed. So yes these products need to be advertized since it is a supply magazine for shelters.

    This is a silly post, don’t blame the organization and this publication for the actions of those shelters you’re referring to as “kill factories”. Blame the shelters themselves and work to have them regulated!!

  16. I grew up in a kill shelter, I first hand have witnessed animal abuse, stray reptiles (its how I got most of my herps at that age), dog fighting, neglect etc etc. KILL SHELTERS ARE NOT THE ENEMY! Animals have to be euthanized because people do not spay/neuter their animals and are careless pet owners! I agree HSUS is awful but do not insult us at shelters who day in and day out work our asses off to try and do whats right (which is sometimes to euthanize) in the process of bringing down this organization! Through both of my pregnancies I have worked my ass off fostering kittens someone turned in because they are military and moving, or buying special food out of my own pocket for a dog that was starved to death because we didn’t get enough donations that month of wet food, After having surgery on july 4th I drove myself to our shelter in pain 6 times to take animals inside that people left in the burning sun with no food or water! So please do not refer to us as a “pet killing facility” that would be a name better suited for petsmart, petland, and petco!

    -Just wanted to share this with you it was my comment to a friend on FB who posted this in attempt to educate people on HSUS due to the python ban. That article is completely inappropriate, we don’t enjoy euthanizing animals, but because of stupid people in the world we have to even when they are healthy because on top of not fixing their pets people rather buy dogs and cats from pet stores and breeders, and since HSUS does not help with funds what so ever we do not have room in our shelters to take in millions of animals and care for them all until they die or are adopted. KILL AND NON-KILL shelters stand behind the opinion that HSUS is shit and since alot of people who work in shelters also take in unwanted reptiles we also are fighting the ban. But when we read things like this, it makes us want to stop supporting this cause on behalf of the reptile community.

    Write a reply…

    1. Chloe,

      Thank you for your dedication to helping pets at your shelter. And I have some great news: no one needs to kill healthy/treatable pets because of overpopulation or any other reason. I believe you when you say you don’t enjoy killing pets so I know you’ll be happy to learn that no kill is real and being practiced at dozens of open admission shelters around the country. Would your shelter be willing to participate in the Just One Day event?

    2. But when we read things like this, it makes us want to stop supporting this cause on behalf of the reptile community.

      Why? Why would a blog post you don’t agree with on a topic that has nothing whatever to do with the python ban have anything to do with whether or not you support repeal of the ban? I don’t understand.

      1. No!!! Dogs do not have to be killed unless they are severely injured, in pain and suffering or ones that are so viscous there is no hope for them. There is the no-kill movement and there are more and more shelters working it and it works. It won’t if you only give dog 3 days. That is a set up doomed for failure. You have to have people who know how to promote the dogs. Just saying it is female and the breed is simply not enough. That is the lazy stupid way to just end up a high kill shelter. I am working with a rural shelter that was high kill with over 80% of the dogs dying. Now they are at 3%. It certainly is a lot harder to move the dogs quickly but laziness just equates to a death sentence. It is a matter of lining up rescues or adoptors that are not in your area or even to write up a bio that makes the locals want to come visit. Dogs having to be killed is the OLD HSUS,ASPCA, and PETA way. In other words LAZY and GREEDY. If all the dogs begin to live outside of shelters what will their greedy head honchos do for a living.

  17. OMG -this is totally wrong and yes-how much money is the HSUS making off of this. I cant think a single magazine about pets that would do this. How do they sleep at night? Not only are they making money off killing pets they hurt local humane societies nationwide.

  18. As usual, the public has no idea what they are talking about. Revenue builders probably refers to charging local vet offices to cremate the bodies of their euthanized clients or to offer that service to the public when their animal dies or the shelter humanely euthanizes for them (several shelters do offer euthanasia for the residents of their city/county). It is completely responsible for HSUS to advertise Fatal Plus. Not all shelters “slaughter” animals. What do you think happens to animals that have been hit by cars and are picked up by animal control? What do you think happens when a citizen brings their 90lb rottie to the shelter when he has been poisoned and is in kidney failure. Where do you think “No Kill” shelters bring their animals when they are sick or “unadoptable” for whatever reason? Where do you think vicious animals are taken after an incident to be quarantined? What do you think happens to them when the judge orders that they be put down? Now, would you rather shelters revert to old practices of shooting or gassing animals? Or would you prefer that these animals are treated humanely and euthanized by trained staff using a drug that allows for a painless transition? WAKE UP PEOPLE! You spend so much time vilifying the people that are in the trenches day in/day out trying to save as many animals as possible. How about getting off your butts, quit hiding behind your computers and go volunteer to walk dogs, foster, help with off-site adoptions, transport animals from the shelter to rescues, educate the public about spay/neuter. Something besides turning the public against their local shelters. You are too blind to see that by turning away adopters, you are continuing the cycle that you love to hate.

    1. Fatal Plus is a necessity for shelters and vets – to *euthanize* animals.

      Fatal Plus is also abused every single day by shelters to kill. Kill for space, kill for time, kill for convenience. Also to “punish” uppity rescue groups and in some cases, for profit.

      If you cannot see the difference, then you need to reevaluate your perspective.

      ” Or would you prefer that these animals are treated humanely and euthanized by trained staff using a drug that allows for a painless transition? ”

      Ah – like the trained staff at MAS? Who were doing such horrific things in the euthanasia room that three of them were arrested? Or like the trained staff at NYACC that “painlessly transitions” highly adoptable puppies and kittens? This is not euthanasia, this is killing. No excuses.

      And the rest about “hiding behind computers” is an insult to every single one of us who advocates for pets. Get off your pedestal because that argument won’t fly here.

  19. Best friends isn’t so innocent. When they got the MVick dogs they also did a huge campaign to raise money to care for those dogs (as did HSUS & THEY NEVER had their hands on the dogs). MVick had to pay $90,000 + for the care of those K9s. Another is in NY… Northshore this that bring over 600 K9s in from California IN ONE DAY – while turning away New York dogs. They import them from EVERYWHERE!! DONATION feed the animals, donations vet the animals, donations transport the animals… So WHY DO it cost HUNDREDS to get one from them…?? That is not rescue folks those are sales!!! Anytime money changes hands it is a sale!!
    Breeders can NOT ship ANY PUPS anywhere without USDA license if they own more then 4 females , but the pounds can ship OVER 600 TO ONE POUND in just ONE DAY… NO OVERSIZED. NO REGULATIONS AT ALLLLLL.
    I won’t even get into the half a million or so coming from outside the USA.

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