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…here is some of what you missed out on today (sorry the formatting is a bit wonky):

Virginians: Proposed legislation would make it illegal for shelters to kill animals if rescue groups are willing to save them. Please contact members of the Agriculture Committee and urge a Yes vote. You can find their e-mails here: http://bit.ly/wRhiGf


Companion animals; euthanasia. Requires a city or county pound to maintain a registry of organizations willing to accept healthy, nonvicious animals scheduled to be euthanized, and prohibits the pound from euthanizing such animals until it has given 24 hours’ notice to all of the organizations …


Kitteh has extra toes (totally awesome super fun time the feet cat!) and UPAWS is not even charging extra for him.


Homeless cat for adoption at UPAWS
Surrey’s alma mater shelter. They need beds to get the dogs up off the concrete.




I think that most of you have followed the story of Gloria. Gloria was a cat that was abandoned at an ASPCA mobile clinic about a month ago. The ASPCA turned her over to the ACC in NYC. After three weeks the ACC put her on the kill list and Pets Alive pulled her. We discovered the following mor…


Like this video? Visit HumaneWatch.org to learn more.
Nice video but I don’t understand why the dogs aren’t going into total spazz mode, injuring the owner and tearing the house apart. That *is* the normal way, right? Cos that’s what my dogs have been telling me for years.


A house is not a home unless there are dogs to home to. Looking for one? We have plenty! Visit www.animalfarmfoundation.org.
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