PETA In Their Own Words

PETA’s Agenda Regarding Companion Animals: The extermination of all pets and an end to pet ownership. When you combine their kill rate (PETA says they killed over 97% of the animals surrendered to them in 2006) with their stated goal of a “No Birth Nation” for pets, what other possible conclusion could there be?

Killing almost every pet they can get their hands on
no new pets born
an end to pet ownership.

None of your Business: Know who you are doing business with – these companies are PETA supporters (site is updated periodically).

You Can Fool Some of the People, Some of the Time: PETA operates a number of websites under other names – listing here.

Would You Kill for this Job?: From a job posting on PETA’s website for a Field Worker position:
Listed first under “Qualifications”:
“Basic animal-handling skills and euthanasia certification (on-the-job training will be provided)”

No kidding.

Call Me Crazy: PETA thinks animal killers need psychological help, jail time and should be stripped of their rights to harbor animals. That is, unless the animal killers are PETA employees. Regarding the 2005 charges against two PETA employees who were caught taking pets from NC shelters then killing them and dumping their bodies in a Piggly Wiggly dumpster, PETA stood by their man, maintaining that although their staffers “may have exercised poor discretion in dumping the animals behind the supermarket, they and other employees who did similar work were acting humanely when they euthanized animals removed from shelters.”

And Finally: Some testimony from the 2007 trial – this story is not one of the crimes PETA employees were charged with but just another example of their deceptive practice of getting owners to surrender pets with the hope of finding them new homes, only to have them killed by PETA immediately. In this case, an animal control officer was hoping to find a new home for one of his own pets.

Bertie County Animal Control Officer: “I knew that by talking to [the female PETA employee on trial] that she could possibly find a home for it, someone that was looking for a good dog. To my understanding, she found a home for it in Virginia.”

(Actually, the PETA staffer drove the dog back to PETA headquarters in Norfolk and killed him there, stopping along the way to take photos of the dog looking, as his name suggested, “Happy”.)

District Attorney: “How did these pictures get back in the possession of [the Animal Control Officer]?”
PETA employee on trial: “I sent them to him.”
District Attorney: “Why?”
PETA employee on trial: “I thought he would appreciate them. I knew that it was a very hard decision for him to give ‘Happy’ up.”
District Attorney: “And when you sent these pictures back to him, did you tell him that ‘I killed the dog in Norfolk’?”
PETA employee on trial: “No.”
District Attorney: “Why not?”
PETA employee on trial: “I didn’t think it was necessary.”
District Attorney: “Why?”
PETA employee on trial: “I don’t know.”
District Attorney:
“When he gave you this dog, and entrusted you to take it and adopt it, out, why did you not tell him that you killed it?”
PETA employee on trial: “No reason. I didn’t want to hurt [his] feelings.”
District Attorney: “If you didn’t want to hurt his feelings, why didn’t you leave the dog with him?”
PETA employee on trial: “I don’t know.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can read a complete account of the trial on

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  1. I will never give one dime to either of these organizations. This is so wrong. I have 4 dogs and will never let them go to a shelter, I thought shelters were for the good of animals well now I am educated.

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