Treats on the Internets

Interesting stuff…

1. The Blue Dog State Blog is reporting that there’s a new chief of the SPCA in Schenectady, NY and although one might assume helping animals would be high on his list of priorities – not so much. It’s more to the tune of guns and arrest numbers. Scary!

2. AP article touching on the many ways pets and their owners have been affected by the economy:

Linda Pouliot, executive director of the Franklin Food Pantry Inc., said her organization has been struggling to keep up with demand as it serves about 2,200 people, two-thirds of whom have pets.
“When we first started, people couldn’t believe there’d actually be pet food because often times they’d take six or eight cans of tuna and we’d find out they weren’t actually eating it themselves — they were feeding the cats because they couldn’t afford pet food,” she said.

Full article here.

3. BAD RAP wonders if PETA is right when it says that nice people don’t adopt pit bulls from shelters. They have issued a call for adopters to send in their “thug” stories to be shared on the blog. Yo.

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