Vets Uninterested in Pet Food Safety?

Petfood Industry Magazine has an article online regarding the attitude of Vets toward pet food. The author, a Veterinarian and pet food industry consultant, gave a series of talks at a veterinary conference and wrote the article characterizing some of the feedback he got from attendees.

A couple points of interest: Vets are apparently being hit by a “barrage of misinformation” regarding pet foods which clients bring to them via that Internet thingy. The author recommends providing Vets with “sound facts” to defend against the assault. My suggestion: How about putting truthful information that pet owners want and need to know on your labels and on your websites? You know, you could actually improve that stupid series of tubes with “sound facts”. Why not start with country of origin for your ingredients as well as the name and address of your manufacturer? Then we can talk.

Also interesting to me was the fact that the author’s talk on pet food safety was the least attended in his series. He observes: “I would have thought the recalls last year would have sparked more interest…” Yeah, go figure. It’s almost as if the pet food industry minimized the 2007 recall to the point of it barely registering on the safety radar.

Read the full article here. Note: click on Contents and then Petfood Insights.

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