Arkansas Mayor: Nanner-Nanner-Boo-Boo

UPDATE, July 19: The Arkansas Democrat Gazette is reporting that Mayor Misdemeanor has temporarily lost his license to practice law after the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct reviewed his actions regarding a 1999 case unrelated to the animal cruelty charges he now faces. Apparently in the 1999 case, the Mayor took a $300 retainer from a client and basically did nothing to further the client’s case. The client was unable to reach the Mayor and so filed a complaint with the Committee in 2007. After the Committee advised the Mayor of the complaint, he sent the client a check for his $300 but postdated it by a full year. In his defense, the Mayor said something along the lines of “Oops.”

I can’t help but wonder if the Mayor will attempt to represent himself in court on the animal cruelty charges – you know, assuming his license is reinstated. And if so, will there be clowns, elephants and a ringmaster?


Mayor Set-Them-Free of Arkansas has a warrant out for his arrest after the local humane society director, whom the Mayor has belittled at every opportunity, signed an affadavit alleging animal cruelty charges. Now, in a playground move apparently designed to push the
HS director off the swing and make her cry, Mayor Shenanigans has signed an affadavit calling for her arrest. The Mayor has not yet been arraigned on his charges.

The Mayor gots his own blog and again, I’m hard pressed to pick just one quote but – regarding the dogs under his city’s care which he kept at the dump, he says, “Strangely the conditions at the pound have been questioned.” Yeah, totally bizarro. Cos like, what pet wouldn’t want to live at your charming city dump? Especially given all the opportunities for adoption as families stroll around the landfill looking for a companion.

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