Marion County Receives Offer to Take Over Shelter

SC State Senator Kent Williams’ local shelter (where he dumped his German Shepherd in March after allowing her to become pregnant while repeatedly roaming loose) has been advertising for someone to take over the shelter. A group called Paws to the Rescue who pulls dogs from the Marion County Animal Shelter regularly has submitted a proposal. The County Administrator apparently has some quibbles over the county’s financial responsibilities as outlined in the proposal. The one and only offer to take over the shelter has been sent to a committee for further review. yawn. I only hope some action is taken sooner than in the Kent Williams case – which was never, actually.

4 thoughts on “Marion County Receives Offer to Take Over Shelter

    1. This post is from 6 years ago so it doesn’t surprise me that the link is dead. You could file a public records request with Marion Co to see if they still have the proposal on file.

  1. If you do not live in the State of SC they can refuse your FOIA! And if they do give it to you they can charge a fee. Go to Guide Star and look at their ’12 tax return.

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