Let’s Play Oddball

Tom cats in China are apparently growing “wings”, as reported by The Telegraph. At first you might think these are just big tufts of extra fur, but they actually have bone underneath. Huh. As I am fond of saying: cats is da craziest people!


There is no new Parvo. There is no new Parvo. There is no new Parvo. Whatever the reason, mass e-mails continue to circulate warning dog owners about the horrors of the “new” strain of Parvo (that has actually been around for years). Read the August 27, 2008 press release on the subject which clearly states the “new” Parvo is not new and it does not “jump the vaccines” and there has been no increase (in MI, where Vets from West Michigan Academy of Small Animal Practitioners gathered to talk about it) in Parvo infections among vaccinated dogs.
Also see Pet Connection’s latest post on this recurring subject.


The London Free Press has a story on a woman who tried to steal hamster food from a pet shop. When confronted, the suspect allegedly knocked another woman down and bit the store owner twice in an attempt to escape. The cops arrested her. I don’t know what that pet store charges for hamster food but I can only assume this was like, primo stuff. The kind of food hamsters only eat when they’re packin’ and another hamster got their back.

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