Michigan "Pet Sellers" May Be Investigated by the FBI

The AKC alerts us to a proposed pet ordinance in Michigan – HB 6395 – that sounds a leetle scary:

If adopted, HB 6395 would:
Define anyone who sells or offers for sale more than two dogs per year, or more than one litter of dogs per year, as a “petseller.”

Mandate that those who qualify as pet sellers to acquire an annual petseller license from their county animal control shelter at a cost of $200/year.

Require an applicant for a pet seller license to submit his or her fingerprints with a license application for a criminal history and FBI background check.

Give discretion to county animal control shelters to deny applications for pet seller licenses, regardless of outcome of background investigation.

If you are a Michigan resident, get your Representative’s contact info and call/snail mail/fax a letter indicating your opposition to this bill.

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