Aflatoxin Kills 1300 Shelter Dogs in Taiwan

China View reports:

On Dec. 22, 2008, the agricultural authority received a report which said more than 300 dogs died at two shelters in Taipei county. 

Staff with the shelters said the dogs were extremely weak, jaundice, and had blood in their urine. The symptoms are typical of liver damage. 

According to Taiwan media, another 1,000 dogs, with the same symptoms, reportedly died in Yunlin, Tainan and Kaohsiung counties. 

The agricultural department did not give any details on when any of the dogs died or how many others might be affected by the tainted food.

Gee that has a familiar, FDA-ish ring to it.  Apparently “Peter’s Kind-Hearted Dog Food” was made “with 1,500 tonnes of moldy corn which was imported from Pakistan last November”.   The way this is written, it could be interpreted that the company knowingly bought moldy corn (which is known to carry aflatoxin)  to make their dog food.  I would hope that’s not the case.  The company offered a vague reassurance that all the dog food had been accounted for and none was exported.  But where did the rest of said moldy corn end up?:

Ji-Tai also produced 1,450 tonnes of pig food with the moldy corn However, Yunlin county authorities found no toxic pig food in spot tests. 

It is unknown whether any of the pig feed was exported off the island.

Vaguely UNreassuring.  Particularly for those who buy pig feed and/or eat pork.  But no worries, I’m sure the FDA’s got your back.


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