Pink Iguanas Want Their Own Parking Space in the Animal World

Think of them as the “Hello Kitty” of iguanas.  Their scientific name is rosada and they’re pink.  From the BBC:

A spectacular pink type of Galapagos iguana promises to rewrite the family’s evolutionary history in the islands. 

Rosada was missed by Charles Darwin during his 1835 visit, but appears to indicate the earliest known divergence of land animals in the archipelago.

Unfortunately, their population is tiny – less than 100 animals – so their future is uncertain.

Dr Gentile’s team is now preparing a formal description of the animal, and will be asking the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), the body that adjudicates on such matters, to rule that it is separate and distinct.

 See a cute pink iguana head here. (Another thing-I’ve-never-said-before.)

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