PETA: Take Your Endorsement and Shove It

When the BBC aired the documentary “Pedigree Dogs Exposed“, there was much speculation on dog forums and mailing lists that the film was funded by, or otherwise affiliated with, animal rights extremists. Never one to miss an opportunity for free publicity, PETA has now gotten on board:

“I am horrified that PETA is using the film to further its own, warped agenda,” says Jemima Harrison, of Passionate Productions, which made the film for the BBC. “Our film is about animal welfare, not animal rights.

“PETA’s animal welfare record is appalling. It kills 97 per cent of the dogs that come to its shelters and admits its ultimate aim is to rid the world of what it calls the “domestic enslavement” of dogs as either pets or working dogs.

And if that ain’t clear enough, Ms. Harrison adds:

“PETA is a bunch of crackpots who do not care about anything but publicity and making money.”

I guess that answers that.

On balance, one must admit that PETA is a bunch of crackpots who are very good at publicity and making money. Hey, I gotta be fair.

H/T to Terrierman.

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