Action Alert for Seized Dogs in Wilkes County, NC

Ok this is admittedly a Hail Mary with no timeouts left and 6 seconds on the clock but hey, what the heck. Sometimes those things actually work! If you have been following the case of the Wilkes County Pitbulls on this blog, you know I’ve been asking you to write letters requesting authorities to consider turning the dogs over to rescue groups. Well now that a judge has ordered all seized dogs and pups killed, the need for action is urgent. The dogs may already be dead, I don’t know and haven’t been able to find out, but just in case they aren’t, please fax or phone the contacts below and voice your concern for the dogs. Remind authorities that Best Friends and others have offered to accept responsibility for the dogs and that they have a proven track record with bust dogs. Remind them that the state of NC allows for the adoption of dogs seized in fight cases. Let them know you’ve been following this case and you are hoping to hear an update about the dogs. Be polite and respectful. Do it now.

Wilkes County Board of Commissioners
110 North Street
Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Phone: 336-651-7346

Wilkes County Attorney Tony Triplett
Vannoy, Colvard, Triplett & Vannoy
922 C Street
P.O. Box 1388
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Phone: 336-667-7201
Fax: 336-838-7250

District Attorney Fred Bauer
500 Courthouse Drive Suite 2022
Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Phone: 336-667-6361 or 667-2994

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