Wilkes County NC Kills Puppies, Adult Dogs

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Wilkes County Animal Control began this morning to euthanize more than 127 pit bulls associated with Wildside Kennels, an operation that bred fighting dogs, according to county officials. The county was carrying out a judge’s order from Monday.
The dogs should all be euthanized by the end of today, county officials said. The exact number of dogs is still unclear because several litters of puppies had been born since the raid.

Barring an unexpected about-face by Wilkes Co, I’m assuming all the dogs are dead now. I’m assuming they killed all the adult dogs, who had no known history of biting, without so much as one evaluation by a qualified behaviorist. I’m assuming all the baby puppies, born in the past couple months, were taken from their dams, and killed. And I’m assuming all the bigger pups, who were seized in the original raid, who never got to grow into their big paws or figure out their floppy ears or have someone tell them to sit their waggy butt down if they want a cookie – I’m assuming they’ve all been killed too.

Since I’m speculating, I’ll go ahead and guess that the HSUS folks are clinking their glasses tonight as they celebrate their latest success – this one currently being exhibited at the Wilkes County landfill. Humane FAIL.

Added:  Bringing up from the comment by EmilyS:  http://www2.journalnow.com/content/2009/feb/17/pit-bulls-destroyed/  So apparently 19 of the dogs killed were newborn pups, still nursing from their dams.  At least now we have a number.

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