Taking Action Against Shelters

As a follow on to the previous post about a judge ordering a shelter in TN not to kill pets involved in legal cases without court permission, I wanted to mention a couple of other shelters and the action or lack thereof taken in their cases.

This no kill shelter in NJ has been shut down by county and state authorities for having “stagnant air” in the barn and exposed wiring while undergoing repairs:

County health officer Claude W. Mitchell said an April 8 county and state inspection led to the closure orders, after revealing incomplete renovations to a barn on the property used to house the animals.

This has left the shelter in “unsatisfactory” condition, he said, adding the barn has poor ventilation and exposed wires that pose risks to people who visit.

In stark contrast, allegations of abuse/killings at LA Co shelters in CA are apparently “very minor” incidents and A-OK with the folks in charge:

We have the videos and obtained documents showing a hidden culture at the county shelters, where animals are allegedly euthanized and abused by employees, sometimes for kicks.

But the head of L.A. County’s shelter system says three instances is just a small amount.

Sign a petition demanding an independent investigation into these reports of pet abuse at LA Co shelters and/or contact Animal Control directly. LA Co residents can find info on contacting government offices here.

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