Treats on the Internets

Sign an online petition demanding an independent investigation into allegations of pet abuse/killings at LA Co shelters

L.A. Animal Services will be increasing fees for pet adoptions and rescue groups

Save Our Dogs reports that Lake Co, CA – which has mandatory spay-neuter – has the highest kill stats of any shelter in the state.

There’s a new head of BARC in Houston and he seems fond of using the word nebulous.

Nathan Winograd’s latest post includes a link to a bizarro slide show opposing no kill featuring cereal boxes. For reals. [Insert “cereal killer” puns here.]

AR-HR wonders how the HSUS can maintain its 501(c)3 status after the recent Atlanta news piece

I don’t think Cesar Millan is Satan – I like him – but I do like to consider all (reasonable) sides in any argument. Finally, I came across an anti-Millan article that didn’t go off the rails.

NPR’s Science Friday had some segments of interest to dog owners last week.

Nest cam for Red-Tailed Hawks (Love nest cams, LOVE hawks)

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