Dogfighting Suspect Arrested in UT

A report from Salt Lake City describes a police tip which lead officers to search the home of a suspected dogfighter in November 2008. The suspect was not arrested because “he fled once officers began to question him“. So officerS (presumably 2 or more) were questioning the man and he ran away. How is this a satisfactory explanation? I’m guessing that police in SLC don’t allow suspected felons to run away during questioning in most circumstances. So what were the circumstances here? I have to wonder if SLC police don’t take animal cruelty cases seriously.

At any rate, Pitbulls were found at the home:

According to court documents investigators found “seven adult, male pit bull dogs, two of which were chained up without water, and a third which was crated in its own waste, again without water.

The Director of the Humane Society of Utah (a kill shelter in the state) provides some additional info in the article:

The executive director says the training methods used by clandestine dog trainers are particularly barbaric, “often there are bait animals that are used such as cats, rabbits, smaller dogs that are killed when this is done in the training,” says Baierschmidt.

Here we go again with bait animal hysteria. Le sigh.

The suspect turned himself in this week and is awaiting a court appearance. The dogs sadly, have all been killed.

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