What Does a Southern Shelter Have in Common with a Shelter in the Heart of Europe?

What I love about this article, which focuses on the legal debate regarding who is financially responsible for care of stray dogs in Prague, is that nowhere – not once – does it mention killing homeless dogs as a “solution” to the problem. Prague by the way has a population of 1.2 million. There are 10 dogs in the pound.

The court gets it:

According to the court, paying for dog food is more advantageous for the state than dealing with problems that would occur if people stopped giving their dogs to pounds.

The Supreme Court also stood against the appellate court opinion that by leaving a dog in a pound people automatically commit cruelty on an animal and could face prosecution.

“Such an interpretation would only lead to an increased frequency of inhuman treatment of dogs in the form of putting them to death, releasing them into nature, tethering them to a [tree] et cetera,” the Supreme Court said.

Yes. That’s what shelters are for – to care for animals in need.

Shelbyville Co, KY gets it too:

Shelby County Animal Control is the first in Kentucky to become a No-Kill facility. In order for the facility to earn the title that means they did not euthanize any of their adoptable animals for a year. No-kill isn’t just about helping animals once they have arrived at their shelter, it is about educating people beforehand so that there aren’t many animals going to shelters in the first place.
Shelby County Animal Control has a mission. Their mission is to find all of the animals in their care a home. “We don’t exclude sick animals, injured animals, old animals,” said [Kelly] Jedlicki. “Those are still adoptable.”

Healthy/treatable=adoptable. Right on sister. But wait, there’s more:

“We’ll work. We’ll keep working until we find the perfect home for those animals. It is our mission and we aren’t turning our back,” Jedlicki said.

Awesome. Another commitment to no kill right here in the South. We are a no kill nation and a humane society. Join us.

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