Emily’s Cancer Returns

My little dog Emily is of unknown age but presumably “old”. She had some tumors removed from her mammary chain in 2007 and recently a couple more have appeared. We took her to the Vet today and her blood work and chest x-ray looked pretty good. She has a heart murmur (Grade 2 or 3 of 6) but otherwise ready for surgery next month to get these latest lumps removed.

We had her blood glucose checked on suspicion of diabetes as she seems to be so hot all the time lately, drinking lots of water and urinating often. But that was normal, so that’s good. I’m guessing that perhaps because she is now almost completely deaf, she is generally more anxious, causing her body temperature to increase, which causes her to drink more water and in turn, urinate more frequently. I noticed she is now scared of thunderstorms, which didn’t used to bother her, and I attribute that to the hearing loss as well.

At any rate, she’s still full of piss and vinegar and I always say about her, “Hate keeps you young”.

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