Checking Up on TLAC

Another Day in the Death at Town Lake Animal Center in Austin:


Adoption: 16
DOA: 27
*slams on brakes*
Twenty-seven dead on arrival? Listed are 14 cats, 12 dogs and 1 “other”. ??? Also: !!!

Euthanized: 35

  • 5 killed due to “Agg policy”
  • 22 due to “no pick”
  • 2 due to “rabies risk”
  • 2 due to “sick/injured”
  • 4 due to “suffering”


Adoption: 9
DOA: 3
Note: There is also 1 bird is listed as “died in kennel”

Euthanized: 32

  • 1 killed for being a kitten less than 4 weeks old
  • 12 killed due to “Agg policy”
  • 16 due to “no pick”
  • 1 due to “rabies risk”
  • 1 due to “sick/injured”
  • 1 due to “suffering”

Should I still keep hoping that the Committee who voted for major change in the killing policies at TLAC will have any real impact? It’s hard to remain optimistic when I read stats like these. Because I can’t help thinking these aren’t “stats” so much as “pets”.

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