Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Hopkins Co Humane Society in KY sounds all right on their website. They offer low cost neuter, reasonable adoption fees which include neuter and they investigate cruelty.

Turns out though, they kill roughly 8 out of 10 pets that come through their doors. The community wants to work toward less killing and has mobilized at all levels to make that happen. But the HCHS President wants to maintain the status quo. She doesn’t want volunteers helping out at the shelter because “they become too attached to the animals”. Which would be a terrible quality to have in someone caring for pets because that attachment might foster some motivation to do something for the pets besides kill them. Of course there is no room at a “Humane Society” for something like that. In fact the shelter President is not at all concerned about killing pets or leaving kittens in urine filled bins overnight although she is concerned about pesky potential adopters and apparently makes it difficult for anyone to adopt a pet from her shelter.

I wonder how much longer this one lady will be allowed to dictate cruelty and death to the pets in her care. On the taxpayers’ dime.

Hat Tip: For Your Entertainment

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