How a Bad Sitch Gets Worse

In January, an IN family had to move from their home to a shelter. They left several dogs in a kennel on the property, hoping to return for them when things improved and asking a neighbor to feed/water them. Months went by and the family didn’t return and the neighbor – who knows, maybe moved away or got tired of caring for someone else’s abandoned dogs. One of the dogs had pups and the entire litter apparently died. Frustrated neighbors called the Sheriff to get the dogs picked up but:

Sheriff Tony Burns said that in 2007 animal control was cut from the county’s budget.

That’s not the only issue.

“The other thing that we have going against us is that there are no shelters in Carroll County. So the issue becomes, even if we could pick the dogs up, where would we take them and who would pay for it?” asked Sheriff Burns.

If you are thinking at this point in the story, “At least things can’t get any worse” – sorry, thanks for playing:

Willoughby [the owner] said if no one can take the dogs today, she will have them euthanized.

This is a sad situation where a set of unfortunate circumstances have led to a group of dogs suffering in a yard all year and ultimately, likely being killed. We are, I believe, a humane society. Can’t we do better for those who rely upon us completely for their care?

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