PetAg: Not Recalling KMR but Don’t Use It if It Smells "Off"

I posted the other day about a reported lab analysis of Esbilac (puppy milk replacer) made by PetAg. Today I see PetAg has put an “update” – not a recall – on their site regarding KMR (kitten milk replacer):

Recently, a limited number of KMR powder users have experienced product producing an off odor. Normally, the product exhibits a faint “milky” smell.

It has been determined that some packaged KMR powder may have been exposed to excessive heat outside the manufacturing process.

Do not use the product if it has an off odor.

They provide no geographical location or product code information about this “limited” problem. They want consumers to call them and provide that info. Not sure exactly what qualifies as “off” smelling. I know some people can’t smell 6 wet dogs in a van so hopefully consumers will be able to define “off” sufficiently so no kittens get fed this powder, which PetAg doesn’t tell us what problems might result if they did. Vagueness-as-usual.

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